1. C

    Windows user needs help to clone HDD

    Home security camersa system uses 2TB WD Purple Surveilance Hard Drive, now 7 years old. I bought new one. Raleigh NC, where can I get the HDD cloned?
  2. J

    Sata ssd not showing in bios

    Hey so my Kingston sata ssd won’t show in the bios of my z590 gigabyte ud and was wondering if anyone knew how to find it?
  3. somhrsh

    I messed up trying to change folder location

    i tried to change the location to A drive of media folder and desktop folder but now all of them has this name and the desktop now has program files folder and other important folders( i would do a clean windows install of windows but it has office subscription that came with the laptop that i...
  4. StevenMal

    4TB External HDD Recommendations

    I'm looking for a 4TB External HDD. What brands or models are currently recommended? What subpar brands or models should I avoid and ignore? Seagate and Western Digital seem to be the BIG brands but what's the difference? Thank you.
  5. crcook84

    External hard drive enclosure randomly disconnects

    I have a Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 external enclosure. Most of the time, it works perfectly find. However, every now and then, it randomly disconnects from the USB port. Now, I got this specifically so that, if an external hard drive disconnected from my computer, it wouldn't loose power and I might...
  6. PressABToStart

    Can’t Boot PC

    So I built my computer a while back, and being the first computer I ever built, I was dumb and installed Windows to my HDD instead of my SSD. Recently my computer has gotten cluttered and what not so I just wanted a fresh start, so I migrate all of my important files to my HDD, then formatted my...
  7. T

    Document Storage to Drive

    I wanted to move my user files (Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc.) to the new D Drive. Now my document file destination is messed up as my D drive like the image below. The user file "tjy" is here because I checked the tutorial videos on YouTube afterwards and have the right steps to make user...
  8. C

    Saved items are saved to wrong drive despite my settings

    Hello, I have an hp operating on windows 10 . It came with two separate drives, one called windows (C:) (with 118 GB) and another called DATA (D:) (with 931 GB). It automatically started saving everything to windows (C:). That drive filled up quickly, so I changed the settings in Storage under...
  9. M

    Driver Easy

    Good Morning, Driver Easy legit? Is it malware? Is it a reliable and fast way to download drivers?
  10. K

    Drive Sharing with Windows 10 and XP

    Hello all, I have a good old DELL OTIPLEX GX260 with Windows NT and XP (two OS systems on a partitioned hard drive) and a Windows 10 PC which has three hard drives, 1, a 1TB main, 2, a 1TB backup and a 80GIG on the side. The old Windows Xp has 80GIG on it's drive and doesn't have enough...
  11. E

    USB 3.0 Ports Slow Transfer Speed to Ext. Hard Drive

    I am having an issue with my USB 3.0 Ports. I am trying to back up a lot of my files onto a Kesu External Hard Drive, but I am getting abysmally low transfer speeds. They start at around 10-15 mb/sec, then drop to as little as 500 kb/sec over the course of an hour. I have already changed the...
  12. B

    Solved WD Passport Drive USB 3.0 Powered but Not Recognized

    Another issue with the laptop: the Passport drive is not recognized in the USB 3.0 connector on this laptop, but it is on the 2.0 connector. The USB cable I am using is the one that came with it, it has the blue part and sticker that says 3.0. I was able to put this drive onto the laptop in...
  13. A

    Hard drive recognised but not appearing in File Explorer

    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD A6-9220e RADEON R4, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G, AMD64 Family 21 Model 112 Stepping 0 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 3974 Mb Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics, 80 Mb Hard Drives: C: 27 GB (0 GB Free); Motherboard: Dell Inc., 02XD38...
  14. A

    Hexadecimal and HDD - What happens if I change the hex #s?

    Just looking for information on what could happen if I changed hex numbers on any sort of data storage device. Example- hdd, thumb drive, memory card.
  15. F

    What hard drive enclosure? - 1999 fujitsu drive

    Hello, I've finally got around to removing the hard drive from a 20 year old tower pc. What hard drive enclosure (is that what they are called?) do I need to be able to access the data on the drive? Any recommendations? Also, is there anything I should be careful with, any 'watch outs' when...
  16. D

    Installed Piriform Defraggler - can't use the DVD drive

    Hi... Installed Piriform Defraggler - it dropped out my NEC DVD drive icon from My Computer right away. I can't use it! BIOS is okay (it is seen at start-up). Installed it right after OS re-install (Windows 10 32 Home).
  17. AmateurJohn

    Solved "System Protection for Recovery(D:)" Win10

    If I decided to turn on the sys protection for my Recovery Drive, and create a restore point what would it restore? Is there any point in using sys protection on this particular drive, maybe it would be redundant? I currently have sys protection on my main drive.
  18. L

    Local Disk Drive help

    Alright, so the first problem started when my local disc drive E started giving me notifications that it was getting full and my laptop is getting a lot slower because of it. I googled on how to fix the problem and it led me through a solution through command prompt. I thought it was leading...
  19. D

    New Windows 10 - no DVD drive listed!

    It's me again... I've got Windows 10 installed, like few days now. All is patched and downloaded, etc. But! ...the system cannot see my DVD-RW NEC Japanese drive! How do I install games now?! Please, help! :( :(
  20. M

    Drive not detected in bios

    I have a customer built computer. Using mobo asrock z370 pro4. I just had a replacement come in thinking it was hardware. 1 ssd that I boot up from it boots up just fine and all is well. When ever i try any other ssd or hdd, bios does not see it. But it would see the optical drive until I...