driver error

  1. Jak3o

    Zebra 105SL Label Printer not Recognized

    Hi all, I am trying to get a Zebra 105SL hooked up on windows 10, and have been having a hell of a time with it. Microsoft installs the "driver" upon plugging in, but it shows in the devices panel as IEEE-1284, an unspecified device. The issue is when I go to update to the latest driver through...
  2. Jgamer1997

    .NET Framework error in SCP DS3 Driver

    So I've been trying to use my dualshock 3 controller on my pc for a while now but every time I try to run the SCP toolkit driver, this error pops up. I checked already and my pc already has the required .NET Framework version installed. I made this work on other pc's before and I don't...
  3. ChrisElitz

    How to fix Display driver has stopped and has recovered

    Pls help me, everytime i play or use the pc for about 10-15min already, it would go black screen and then go back, then there will be a error that says, display driver stopped responding and has recovered, and there is also an error amd radeon software has stopped working, i have a i5 4670 and...
  4. M

    No Display

    I use to have a 1050ti in my dads computer i removed the card and installed a radion card just for basic browsing and emails. The computer powers on but no display or beep codes not sure what to do any thoughts?
  5. L

    How do I uninstall something from thats device manager

    Alright, this is my first time on this website so apologies if this is the wrong thread to post to. I recently got a new laptop and I've been setting it up for the past few days. Yesterday I tried to install the driver for my drawing tablet (XP-Pen Star 03 pen tablet express keys) and I messed...
  6. N


    Hello, I have been repeatedly encountering the blue screen of death with the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE stop code and I don't know how to fix it (atikmpag.sys). What should I do to fix this? I have updated all of my drivers, should I consider re-installing my other driver? (Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000) I...
  7. S

    Miniport wifi adapter and LAC adapter malfunction

    I’m not able to use wifi or Ethernet. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both my Atheros Local Area Connection Adapter and Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter. Both drivers are apparently properly updated. Trouble shooter just tells me there’s a problem with the adapters but doesn’t specify...
  8. P

    Integrated display adaptor not detected

    My rig: Asus Z390 E Gaming I9 9900K (Intel 630 UHD) NVIDIA RTX 2070 age: 7 days I had connected my 4K gaming monitor to the RTX 2070 via DP for the first time. Everything was running well. GTA V Was running in 4K ultra settings with very high fps. Two days later I connected the DP to the...
  9. D

    Black Screen, No Keyboard and No Mouse Response

    So I tried to update all my drivers this weekend but when I got to to the Intel CPU driver update and restarted my computer, it would no longer show anything on any of my displays and the keyboard and mouse are unresponsive so I can't put it safe mode to reset. I've cleaned, reseated and...
  10. L

    Windows 7 After Reset won’t install any drivers

    I have recently reset my PC after a nasty virus. I booted it from a windows 7 professional disk. When I Logged on no drivers would install. It would not recognize my working LAN cable plugged into my router. I tested the cable on another PC and it worked. Please help me resolve this
  11. C

    Sound acting up & more

    Ok. I've recently been getting a host of problems, I'll list my computer, then the problems in order. Computer: Windows 10; GTX 1070; Asus Z170 Pro-gaming Aura; Corsair Vengeance LPX Ram; Samsung 850 500GB SSD. Problems: Games started randomly crashing and giving blue screens. A couple of the...
  12. P

    My GPU is apparently "unsupported", but NVIDIA says it is

    My Graphics Card is "unsupported" yet everything is fine according to NVIDIA My GPU has needed a driver update for a short while now, and when I try to update it to the suggested driver for my GPU (GeForce 1050 Ti), it restarts the computer after telling me everything else is up to date in...
  13. J

    Pluralinput Mouse 1.0 has a ! and won't work with Rival 100

    Hi All, I'm trying to connect my Rival 100 mouse to my Dell G3 Laptop (Windows 10 - 32bit) and it won't work. The windows notification say its good to go however it doesn't work. I check my drivers and it shows this: I try updating them but they're the newest drivers out. I also tried rolling...
  14. L

    Windows won’t boot

    Hey I’m having a problem with my windows not booting after updating drivers for the display adapter (AMD Radeon R6 display adapter) for my asus computer. I’ve tried restoring the device in safe mode to before the updates as well as rolling back the updates and it still will not boot in normal...
  15. B

    Installed windows, no internet!

    hi, I had a problem with my pc and it was with the disk, I reinstalled windows now everything seems fine. However, I now have no internet, I’ve tried installing drivers but they just aren’t working. I do not have a Ethernet cable and must connect wirelessly. If anyone could help it would mean a...
  16. K

    Driver error code 39, for mouse. (Windows 10)

    Hi everybody, I have a good head scratcher for you all! Have a desktop acer with touchscreen with Windows 10, V. 1803 My mouse stoped working, and the mouse pointer is gone! Got me a driver error code 39, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware, The driver may be corrupted or...
  17. Z


    After I have updated my HP Pavilion power 15-cb035tx's BIOS (to F.14), it started to get BSOD. Stop code: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What failed: afd.sys I think this should be bios conflict with the driver, but I've already updated my network drivers to the latest but, no luck. I've...
  18. paulushun04

    Driver problem with uRage Unleashed wireless

    I'm having some problems with my mouse (I'm using Windows 10). When I put in the USB dongle and my PC starts to download the driver. When it's downloaded my mouse didn't do anything. What can i do now?
  19. Philen

    Blutooth Speaker Error Code 28

    Hi guys, I have a TEAC BC09 bluetooth speaker connected to Windows 7 laptop via USB cable. The speaker is listed in 'Devices and Printers' folder. Troubleshooting required - No installed drivers for this device. I select 'Update Driver' and no driver is available. I search the internet and no...
  20. B

    Was using a ps4 controller and now audio driver has an error

    I was using a ps4 controller for a little while and then suddenly sound stopped coming through my headphones. I checked device manager and it said that the driver has an error. I was told to uninstall the driver and then reinstall it but I don't know which driver has the error and where I would...