driver update

  1. sblomgren

    Network doesn't stay connected

    My computer frequently disconnects from Wi-Fi. Sometimes it'll stay connected for a while, sometimes it won't stay connected for more than a minute. Every time it disconnects, I have to manually connect to my network, it says "can't connect" until I run the troubleshooter. Troubleshooter will...
  2. S

    Laptop getting stuck after Driver Update

    Recently my hp laptop's cd drive kept popping out and I tried installing a drive repairer application which suggested to update my driver. After updating I restarted the laptop and when I try to sign in it says can't sign in to your account and provides a temorary profile.Surfing through google...
  3. S

    Solved Updating the drivers

    I don’t know how I should update the drivers on my Sony Vaio SVL2412M1EB Windows 7 64-bit PC. I don’t know where is the best place on the internet that has the latest drivers. It’s where I did update some drivers using IOBIT Driver Boost, then was told how there are so many infections using...
  4. P

    My GPU is apparently "unsupported", but NVIDIA says it is

    My Graphics Card is "unsupported" yet everything is fine according to NVIDIA My GPU has needed a driver update for a short while now, and when I try to update it to the suggested driver for my GPU (GeForce 1050 Ti), it restarts the computer after telling me everything else is up to date in...
  5. B

    GeForce GTX 660 Driver Update Failure Followed by No Display

    Let me first say I am by far NOT the most tech-savvy, and I will do my best to refer to things by their appropriate name where I can, but I will likely have to use informal terminology to describe most things. My desktop computer of 5 years stopped functioning correctly about a month ago and...
  6. R

    Network Drivers Deleted! HELP

    My LAN Driver accidentally got deleted. I have been trying to install driver but it shows No intel(r) adapters are present. I have tried updating from device driver application but no use. Please help me I have tried all possible way please help.
  7. P

    Laptop doesn't detect GPU/Can't install Nvidia Driver

    Hello, I have a MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 7RF laptop using windows 10 64-bit home. Recently, I tried to update two of my graphics drivers, one for the intel HD graphics 530, and one for my NVIDIA 1060. It was a hassle; I managed to update my intel driver, but I can't install the NVIDIA 1060...
  8. Shay61

    Is "Driver Update" Legit?

    My Windows 10 OS keeps popping up a dialog box with a "Driver Update." It looks too flashy and slick to be a normal program built into Windows 10. The last time I clicked "OK" on something like this, I was stuck with an annoying 3rd party program that kept trying to sell me upgrades. This keeps...