drivers update problem

  1. P

    My GPU is apparently "unsupported", but NVIDIA says it is

    My Graphics Card is "unsupported" yet everything is fine according to NVIDIA My GPU has needed a driver update for a short while now, and when I try to update it to the suggested driver for my GPU (GeForce 1050 Ti), it restarts the computer after telling me everything else is up to date in...
  2. A

    Windows 10 monitor no signal

    I have a Windows 10 pc. There were problems with my WiFi. So I decided to update my wlan drivers. I downloaded two programs "Tweakbit driver updater" and "driver booster". Looking at all those outdated drivers. I used Tweakbit and updated 21 of my 23 drivers. 2 of which failed to update. Knowing...
  3. heronstork

    Desktop flickering on Windows 10

    Specs: HP Pavilion Notebook 15-p164 OS: Windows 10 Hello! My desktop is flickering like crazy after updating my video drivers. It flickers too frequently to be able to do anything once logged in. The login screen is fine, but is missing the power icon in the corner of the screen. I've been...
  4. kevinj888

    Solved Graphic Driver Wrong Version

    Hi, The issue came from this post: I updated my AMD HD 7570 card using the auto detect utility provided by AMD. But when it is finished, my graphic driver is now changed to HD 7600. I suppose it is not compatible...
  5. D

    When Update AMD DRIVERS my laptop Crashes / Freezes.

    HEY EVERYONE. Today im here to ask your help cause im trying to solve this problema for like 2 weeks and i cant find any solution , i tried so many diferente things as uninstalling the graphic driver and installing the most recent amd drivers , even the old ones and nothing seems to help...