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    Difficulties burning DRM-protected Apple Music to CD

    Hello all of you! I am burning a few CD mixes for my BFF as part of her Christmas gift. I've just synced my Apple Music playlists to a computer and inserted a blank CD-R. When I click under File>Burn Playlist to Disk the burning process seems to start, then I get a prompt saying my files are...
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    WMP won't allow ripped files after Win 10 upgrade

    My father has a modest number of music files by most standards, but they are important to him and he's having trouble. For years he used WMP and some MP3 player I'm not familiar with. Most of his library is songs he uploaded himself from CDs or other media he has owned for years. A small...
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    Analog Whole

    I've been using Analog Whole on my desk top for a number of years with no problems. However, now I've switched to a laptop, it is recording through the mic and not the audio file. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?