1. J

    Photos not opening in Dropbox app on Mac

    I'm looking for some help with my dropbox app on my Mac desktop ( OS Mojave version 10.14.3 )I now cant open any photos on this app - up until a couple of days ago this was fine . Now what happens when I click the image to open it , it greys out , and wont open . Other docs such as pdf's and...
  2. A

    New SSD's exFAT format Dropbox issues. Should I reformat?

    When I transfer files through Dropbox, I got an error message that some properties could not be transferred, Initially I ignored it but when I had issues playing videos (6GB size), I googled and found that such error could occur when a file is transferred from NTFS to FAT disk. My FAT disk is a...
  3. Dwight1955

    Dropbox issue on Windows 10

    I have Windows 10 PS on my laptop and one of the cloud storage options I use is Dropbox. I have noticed that when I copy a file from my desktop on my hard drive to a dropbox shortcut (also on my desktop), the file on my hard drive is deleted. The same thing happens if I copy an updated file to...
  4. M

    Migrate One drive to Dropbox

    My company has a paid account for both I need to move all one drive back to Dropbox due to a company uproar because well its hated. (PS previous person put this in motion I'm in charge of cleaning it up) other then a mover or flow which is not working for either is there a good way to take care...
  5. S

    How can I add more than one dropbox account to my MacBook?

    Hi, I work accross several clients and need 3 dropbox accounts on my MacBook, but I can only see one in finder and for the other two I need to go onto the dropbox web platform to save or file anything - annoying. Does anyone know a way to add all to finder? Sarah
  6. EBSchrader

    Dropbox & Dropbox Plus

    I have Dropbox Plus on my Windows 10 computer, so that Quicken can backup files there. My new Android phone has Dropbox installed, but the 2 versions don't communicate with each other. I need the Dropbox Plus for Quicken, so I want the other one to go away. I also want my phone to be able to...
  7. J

    Dropbox or Amazon AWS for Streaming?

    Hi, I am developing a membership site for my business. My coder said we can host some mp3 files to be streamed from within the member site on AWS or Dropbox. I'm moderately techy myself but can't seem to find some answers to something. I don't mind paying for a solution so this isn't so much...
  8. TypicalHog

    Temp folder keeps disappearing

    Recently I noticed I couldn't compile my game in Game Maker:Studio and my Dropbox files were not getting synced. I discovered that my Temp folder was disappearing - Creating a new Temp folder fixes the problem for just few minutes.
  9. Z

    Iam encountering a DLL error when downloading Dropbox

    I have been trying to uninstall driopbox as I was having issues. However, I kept getting an Error 2 message. When I tried to reinstall over it I also got an error message. The dropbox.exe.log file shows the following: Traceback (most recent call last): File "dropbox\__init__.pyo", line 9, in...
  10. D

    PDF Expert 5 on iPad, cannot link to Dropbox

    Hi, I just got an iPad Air, and I downloaded PDF Expert 5 and Dropbox. This is for my workplace. I need to connect PDF Expert 5 to my company's Dropbox account. So I open PDF Expert, tap "Network," choose to add a new online storage, and then choose Dropbox. I'm given two options--1. launch...