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    DST File (JPG to DST)

    Trying to figure out how to digitize a simple JPEG to DST
  2. D

    jpeg to dst files on a mac

    I have a brother se400 embroidery machine and a mac book pro computer. I am an artist who is branching into clothing design and embroidery. I have scanned my own graphics into jpeg and need to convert them to dst files. Do you have any direction on finding the cheapest user friendly way to...
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    Learning to Design Logos & Converting Files to DST

    Hi everyone, I am a college student looking to create a clothing line. I want to be able to sell fashionable clothing, at a reasonable price. Prices ranging from $4-$20, for men/women/children. I would like to learn how to design my own logos, and also how to convert files to DST ( I have...
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    How to create a DST file

    I am trying to figure out how to create a DST file, I currently have the file in jpg and and png but I need it in DST to get it embroidered onto a hat
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    Solved Yet another DST

    http://jerrygarcia.shop.musictoday.com/Product.aspx?pc=JYAS14&view_in=Mobile Hi everybody would this image be to intricate to convert to dst and put on a hat? Thanks for the help
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    Windows 7 won't load past the first icon.

    Hi whoever answers I need help desperately. my laptop wont load past the initial windows icon (of which the icon itself won't even load). I have tried pressing escape at the start of the hp screen and i ran a hard drive short test or something and it came back with a failed short DST test. the...