dual boot

  1. W

    Dual-Boot Windows Can't Find My Monitors on Mac Mini

    I am unable to set up Windows 10 Pro when launching on my Mac Mini from an external SSD. Windows launches, but my monitors are blank. I believe the problem is that Windows lacks the drivers needed to use my displays. I need to figure out how to give Windows access to my display drivers so that I...
  2. donatella

    No ethernet on W10 after dual-boting with LM

    I dual-booted Linux Mint and W10 (I was originally on W10) and after dual booting, I have no ethernet connection on W10. I tried reinstalling drivers, but it didn't work at all. Any idea how to solve this?
  3. Astta

    Dual boot problem and black screen

    Hi, I'ven using Windows 10 and Linux in a dual boot for 2 months, but yesterday when I turned on my pc, it just directly booted to windows 10, and the "menu" that always appeared that let me chose which OS I wanted to use isn't there anymore. also, i don't have access to the bios, when I try to...
  4. R

    Need help to set up my system

    Right now I've got Windows 10 installed on a NVME and Ubuntu Linux on another drive. I have to reboot to switch between the two, but since the advent of Windows Subsystem Linux I think I want to migrate away from the dual system. I'm a developer, but I don't know operating systems too well and...
  5. P

    dual boot windows 10 home with ubuntu OS

    Hello I need to dual boot windows 10 home with Ubuntu OS, but i am unable to do it tried many times by following many websites. here is my laptop configuration!! DELL OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158...
  6. C

    dual boot can't access windows 10

    Hi, As far as I know my windows was in Bios legacy. When I tried to dual boot along with ubuntu, it did not recognize windows 10. So, I went ahead and did manual installation. It also gave me efi error, so I had to allocate some memory to efi partition. After I installed, there was no grub...
  7. A

    DualBoot Windows 10 & Windows 7 on SSD and HDD respectively.

    I want to clean install Windows 10 and Windows 7 in dual boot configuration on separate hard drives. I have a 240 GB WD SSD completely for Windows 10 and a 1 TB WD HDD for Windows 7 installation. I have a MSI B85M-E45 ("https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B85M-E45/Specification") motherboard which...
  8. H

    Linux Mint & Cloudready dual boot

    Hi all, So I've been trying to get my old Acer Aspire 5742 set up as a dual boot of Cloudready and Linux Mint. I've followed multiple guides and got near to the result (grub showing two OS' etc) - but every time I complete each guide my end result is the same - a system booting Linux mint fine...
  9. A

    Cant Access drive in dual boot

    I've Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and it came with all my drives encrypted with bitlocker. I dual booted it with ubuntu 18.04. However i'm unable to access windows drive from it. I tried disabling bitlocker on one of those drives yet it did not show up in ubuntu. Moreover it asks me recovery key every...
  10. A

    Do you need a new partition to dual boot windows?

    Hi, I have 4 hard drives on my computer and want to have the option of dual booting into Windows 8 (which is my current operating system) and also Windows 10 which I plan to install. Someone told me that I can't just install the Windows 10 on one of the other drives, and have to create a...
  11. B

    Dual Booting Win 7 and Win 10, Memory Issues

    My laptop is a HP Envy X360 come factory with win 10 and I am trying to dual boot win 7 ultimate along side it. Everything goes great with install and the updates after installing but I hit a snag twice already when I restart the system error message not enough memory to create RAM disk. I have...
  12. T

    Can't Boot Windows After Removing & Reallocating Linux Part.

    Hi, I was extremely interested in the idea of a Linux OS, and after debating it for a while decided to instal Linux on my laptop alongside Windows 10. I had it set up so that Linux would boot first, and if I wanted to use Windows I could simply select it from the boot manager. I'm currently...
  13. L

    Asus Laptop display problem

    Laptop specs: Asus N550JK Intel Core i7 8gb RAM Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 850m Dual booted Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 Problem: When I fist noticed the problem, the display would cut out when I moved the lid. The screen had power but no display. This was fixed in Windows by restarting the display...
  14. G

    Does it make sense to Dual-Boot W10 - [Performance|Comfort]?

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga 500 laptop. Core i7 6500, 8GB RAM. I'm a computer science student, so every bit of performance I can get is welcome. I'm thinking of creating a dual boot system of two Windows 10 installations, where one is tweaked towards the performance extreme, and the other for...
  15. A

    Problems dual booting Windows 10 and 7

    I have a new HP 14-al061nr laptop with Windows 10 installed on it and I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a separate partition. I created a bootable USB stick with Windows 7 on it using Rufus, and when I finally managed to change the boot order so the USB booted first, I got an error message...
  16. G

    Lost partition with windows on it

    I recently had a dual boot on my computer on Linux Mint and Windows 10. After I decided to get rid of Linux Mint I deleted it's partition and drunk it back into the original C drive. After restarting my computer a grub rescue came up and said that no partition existed under that name. I owe you...
  17. R

    Installed OS on SSD and Now want to install other os on HDD.

    Hallo, I have installed, windows and ubantu on my ssd. Now I want to install my new linux distro on my hdd.. will it be a problem..?(my ssd is running out of memory) Thanks
  18. I

    Stuck on splash screen. Need help fast.

    I have install kali linux as dual boot on my laptop. Everything was running smoothly. I was getting the GNU Grub on startup with the options to load my windows bootloader or to start linux or enter BIOS. But after having configured my bios password i am stuck on the booting screen that is the...
  19. J

    Dualboot: pre installed windows 8.1 with new windows 7

    My HP PAVILION 15 laptop has windows 8.1 installed, itried to add operatins system in to it using windows 7, i partitioned the memory so that on the other partition i will install the windows 7. but when i install the windows 7 in the partitioned memory, the windows 8.1 is deleted and the...
  20. R

    Solved Windows 10 Dual Boot with Elementary OS Crashing Repeatedly

    Hello again: A while ago, I posted a thread about a similar problem. Here is a link to it if it will help at all. Now, let me explain my current situation. Lately I have been getting many blue screens, usually at random times, and I've come to a point where I'm stuck and decided to bring my...