dual booting

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    Dual booting or virtual machine

    The prob;em I am having is a slow -I mean really slow - computer. Sometimes the machine boot up normally some times it takes several minutes. When I shut down the machine it takes more than 20 minutes for the power light to turn off, sometimes it shuts down instantly. I downloaded a program...
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    Windows 8.1 installation by USB Pen drive as dual boot

    Please advise me the steps involving to install windows 8.1 single language - through USB drive (I have one OEM License from another pc) as a dual booting environment in my available D drive partition. I have Windows 10 installed in C drive. I tried to download through Mediacreation tool but...
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    Dual boot win 10 and 7 separate hard drives delay and repost

    On initial boot, post screen appears twice and boot screens for either OS appear twice sequentially. On restart from either OS, there is precisely a one minute "dead" period before post screen appears. I purchased the HP 8200 Elite from another user who installed the OS's and hard drives, but is...
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    Difficulty while trying to setup a new Windows on a dual boo

    I have a dual boot notebook (using GRUB): Windows 10.0 & Linux ubuntu 14.04 which has been installed after that. I want to purge Windows 10.0 and perform a completely clean Windows 7.0 installation including some minor changes to Windows partitions. Actually, I took the free offer from Microsoft...
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    Avoid losing dual boot when reimaging?

    I did not want to post this in XP as is seems there are few people working in there. I have a fav. old XP image and a faster Win 7 image on an older machine. The two systems are on different drives. The dual boot works just fine when I install Win7 after XP (as it should)......but I lose the...
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    Why Can't I dual boot with Win7 and Win10 ?

    I have an SSD drive in my pc which is running Win7 Pro64. I have a second SSD on which I restored a system backup of my first drive using Paragon. With the first drive unplugged, I upgraded the second SSD drive to Win10. So now I have two SSDs, one with 7 and one with 10. I have them both...