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    HDMI Splitter Issues

    I am having issues with an HDMI Splitter-specifically, I'm unsure if I'm using it correctly! My setup is the following; -Desktop PC -Two monitors (one to GPU, the other to Motherboard) I sometimes like to display my Main Monitor (GPU) to my television, situated on the wall above the desk. A...
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    Solved Dual monitors will not work!!

    I have a radeon 550 graphics card and runs fine with one monitor and just recently picked up a older dell monitor that i wanted to set up dual monitors. My first monitor is plugged into VGA to DVI-D port and when i try plugging in my second monitor into VGA-HDMI port both the monitors goes...
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    Adding an external dual screen to a vga laptop

    I have an old laptop, still in very good condition, and I want to attach an hdmi second dual screen so I can use the laptop screen for gui and the second hdmi screen for code. Is there a converter I can plug into my vga external port that will connect into a hdmi port and work as modern dual...
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    Graphics card detecting dual monitors as a single larger one

    So I have a dual monitor setup and it was all working fine then when I accidentally opened steam into big picture mode my monitors resolution went all wacky. Now ordinarily the two monitors resolution is 1920x1080 (main monitor via HDMI) and 1440x900 (secondary monitor via DVI), but when I plug...
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Oov5Gn1yVNY3VNQmVqWlJtdjZjUERkWHVmWlBiMDF1RGFR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Oov5Gn1yVNTTZHX0ZpaEVQOXNfREJVVEFCUHFSc3dWUFVv/view?usp=sharing What exactly is this used for? I don't see a port for it on my GPU? Do I need an adapter to run...
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    Dual monitor PC auto log-off

    Hi all, thanks in advance for the help! So there's a problem with my computer, started happening today. I have two monitors connected to my PC, and normally It'll run perfectly fine but today about every 30 mins, my computer just starts logging off automatically and when I log back in, my...