dual monitor

  1. L

    Second monitor doesn't work after Windows log in

    Hi, I recently tried to use dual monitors on my PC ,with hdmi and vga port(for the vga port used vga hdmi adaptor) ,and it worked fine the first time.The next day I tried to turn on my pc ,both screens turned on and run smoothly until windows log in .After that only the primary screen worked...
  2. A

    Connecting dual monitors using HDMI

    I am trying to connect my HP Pavilion laptop to 2 Samsung monitors - model S24E348 an S24E450 using HDMI cables. The second screen is not being recognized. Please help
  3. C

    Dual Monitor Help

    Hello! I had recently bought a second monitor to set up a dual monitor setup. There is one hdmi port and three displayports. I currently have my main monitor hooked up to the hdmi port as that is the only cable that came with the prebuilt PC i bought a couple months ago. My question is, would I...
  4. tempsdecombustion

    dual monitor calibration issues (windows 10)

    Hey there! I have a screen tablet (Ugee 1910b) for drawing on my computer. The tablet touch is working fine with the pen and the display is working, it's only the calibration that is off. The touch field on the tablet, as well as my laptop trackpad, is tracked to the entirety of the two...
  5. R

    PC can't identify second monitor

    My PC doesn't seem to be able to identify that a second monitor is connected through either VGA or HDMI. I have tried to both degrade and upgrade my drivers, been looking through both Windows' and Nvidias' settings without any luck as both says that no other monitor is detectable. I'm running...
  6. D

    Dual monitor duplicating but not replicating

    Hello, I have recently purchased a second monitor for my computer. My computer only has one slot for connecting a monitor so I purchased a VGA splitter. I have connected my splitter and it is duplicating on both screens. My computer will not extend to both displays, it won't identify or...
  7. O

    Dual monitors set up help (not screen duplication)

    Hi all, Looking for some help I've got quite confused over trying to get dual monitors set up and how to do this... I already have 2 dell monitors vga connection. I have not yet brought the pc desktop. I want to have both monitors connected at the same time but I want to view different things...
  8. Metjuw

    Dual Monitors [One w/ G-Sync & the other w/o] Freezing

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone came across this issue and/or can help me out with my problem. So I recently bought the Acer Predator 24" 144Mhz Monitor and I have it connected via Display Port to my Nvidia GeForce GTX760 whilst I also have an Iiyama 24" 60hz Monitor connected to the same graphic...
  9. G

    Graphics card detecting dual monitors as a single larger one

    So I have a dual monitor setup and it was all working fine then when I accidentally opened steam into big picture mode my monitors resolution went all wacky. Now ordinarily the two monitors resolution is 1920x1080 (main monitor via HDMI) and 1440x900 (secondary monitor via DVI), but when I plug...
  10. A

    DVI-D cable not working

    Hey, so, I was trying to setup a dual monitor config, but I ran into some trouble while trying to run the second monitor, and it has come to my attention that the DVI-D cable doesn't seem to be working on my computer, I pluged the HDMI cable on the monitor and it turned on, but when I pluged the...
  11. J

    Dual Display will only mirror, wont extend

    I have built a new PC and encountered an issue I have never had before. I have 2 monitors connected to the motherboard. Both displays work fine HOWEVER they will only display a mirrored image of each other, and I cannot seem to set up an extended display. When I open the display settings...
  12. H

    2nd display screen wont show up. HDMI cable.

    Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place I'm new here. Anyways, I bought a brand new out of the package HDMI cable today to hook up my laptop to my TV. The cable fits into both my laptop and TV and its on the right input setting on the TV but when I get on my laptop it doesn't recognize 2...
  13. D

    Solved huion h58l graphic tablet problem with duel monitors

    hi. i'm having a problem with huion, H58L pen tablet and dual monitors. the pen works only on my second monitor and not my main one, I've try changing this in the setting "configure- configure your pen and touch displays" under the control panel, the program tells me to use the tablet and pen...
  14. A

    Fullscreen locks at too high resolution

    Hey i got this problem for a while now. Not every but some games when i make them fullscreen lock at 2550x1600 resolution. My res at desktop is 1600x1024 so i dont really know how that happened. I just reinstalled windows and it's still the same. I had before and now for a while after reinstall...
  15. S

    Dual Monitor - no input signal

    I have an HP EliteBook and I'm trying to hookup my Dell SDM-HS93 monitor so that I can extend the display and work on two screens at once for work. However, when I plug the VGA into my laptop, there is no response from either machine. The laptop does not register any recognition and the...
  16. Z

    Frame fluctuation on anything moderately graphic intensive

    I recently moved my computer into my room and had no problems prior. I tried using my 720p tv as a second monitor, and have had problems with graphics since. Any time I use something like twitch or play a game, my framerate goes haywire and my computer runs slow. Even after disconnecting the...