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    Cant connect two laptops (in order to have dual monitors)

    Have a Razer Blade and Lenovo. Want to use Lenovo as secondary monitor to extend screen and ease tasks. Have tried everything suggested online to do this with no luck. Any advice?
  2. J

    Dual screen issues

    Hello, I need help as run into a bit untill of an annoying issue so my wacom screen works fine its when I put in the second screen I have a problem, and basically the other screen becomes black and my main screen so it's registered the cintiq. I can still see the screen on the cintiq but because...
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    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds

    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds So I just got my 2nd monitor today. I was super excited, but it turned out that I can't use it for anything, because I want to use it when I am gaming, and as the title says, it blacks out when I do so. How it blacks out: I play a...
  4. W

    Dual Channel Ram Problem

    I have two 4GB RAM sticks, when i try to install RAM in dual channel mode it shows only 4GB but when install it in single channel mode it shows 8GB. Both in BIOS and windows. How could i resolve this problem?
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    Graphics card detecting dual monitors as a single larger one

    So I have a dual monitor setup and it was all working fine then when I accidentally opened steam into big picture mode my monitors resolution went all wacky. Now ordinarily the two monitors resolution is 1920x1080 (main monitor via HDMI) and 1440x900 (secondary monitor via DVI), but when I plug...
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    D-Link wifi stick not automatically connecting to network

    About 3 or 4 days ago, I bought a D-Link Wireless AC1200 Dual Band USB Adapter so I could connect my desktop computer to my network. I immediately ran the installation disk that came in the same box and plugged it into one of my USB 3.0 ports. I connected to my network with no issues at all. The...