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    Problems with dualbooting Linux mint

    Hi. I'm a windows 10 user that was trying to dualboot Linux mint as a test. I've partitioned my 320gb HD into 40gb for Linux and the rest for Windows. I set the BIOS so it would boot to windows and then I would use the f11 Key to choose at startup the OS. Last night windows boot manager just...
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    windows 7 dual boot chipset problem

    hi everyone! I have been trying to do a dual boot on my windows 7 (32bit ultimate )Toshiba laptop-C55- i made a second partition 500Gb for installing a separate windows (64bit) as i need 64bit system for work.. after installing 64bit on the second partition, when I start installing the drivers...
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    Android and Windows dual boot

    Hi. I downloaded android x86 onto a memory stick. I can install it from the memory stick to another memory stick. And from boot I can select to boot from the memory stick and boot android x86. However I don't want to boot from a memory stick, so I made a partition and installed on that...