1. arhan19926

    acer nitro 5 overheating due to lint and dust

    can you guys suggest me something which i can do so that the dust is not sucked in through the air vents and later get stuck in the exhausts causing the hot air to not efficiently exit the laptop through the exhausts?
  2. M

    Computer Shuts off after several minutes

    I think I know how it got to this point, but don't know where or how to start fixing it. I let my computer build up dust and now my fans won't turn on when the computer does. After it does the initial loading and updating of my computer apps after powering the pc up, it only takes a few minutes...
  3. J

    No signal to monitor after restart

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Here are my computer specs: Dell XPS 8300 i7-2600 (8 MB cache 3.4 ghz) 12 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1333 Mhz 2x4 GB 2x2 GB AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR5 Windows 7 Home Premium Computer purchased in late 2011. Monitor is an LG and is about the same age. A few...
  4. F

    Avoiding Static Damage when dusting inside of PC

    Hello, I just spoke with a computer service worker who told me I run a high risk of damaging my pc tower if I open it and dust it myself with compressed air cans. I have not seen any major warnings concerning this issue during my online research into the topic. I have never done this before...
  5. A

    Vacuumed the top of my monitor and now it turns off

    Okay so I was vacuuming my desk and the areas around it and the top of my computer monitor looked dusty so, without thinking, I vacuumed the top of the holes and a lot of what I think was dust came out and it made a strange whirring noise. My computer was still on but I turned it off straight...