dvd burner

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    Burned DVD won’t play

    I made a video on iMovie, downloaded it onto my computer and burned it onto a disc. It said it was successful, but won’t play on my Magnavox DVD player. I made several DVDs and none of them work. I read somewhere that a lower recording speed may help, so I chose the lowest available but it still...
  2. M

    Old Internal dvdrw drive and new usb dvdrw have same fault

    Hi I’ve got a dell Vostro 430 with windows 7, it’s about 8 year old, two weeks ago the internal dvdrw drive which I use on a weekly basis suddenly stopped working, it would make noises like it was trying to spin up but never manage it so after deciding it was probably old age I bought an...
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    Software for DVD burner

    My computer guy installed a DVD burner in my computer and a program that was supposed to run it, but the program did not work and he has not found one yet that will. Does anyone know of a program that will work for me? I just want to make DVDs that will play in my DVD player. I am sure that this...
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    Can't Rip Commercial DVD or Even Watch (99% of time)

    Hi I bought the 3 DVD set Our Father's Plan from Ignatius Press. It is a Region 1 DVD but I live in the UK. I therefore changed my laptop (HP Pavillion i7) DVD drive to Region 1 as well. I want to rip the DVDs to have the movie files on my home shared drive and also watch on my tablets. I...
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    Problem with Windows 10 and my DVD burner unit

    Hello, I am posting because after installing windows 10 (clean installation) my DVD burner stopped working, and checking on the device manager I found out that it appears as a HDD unit instead of as a CD rom unit. I've been trying to uninstall it, fix the register, try the automated windows...