dvd burning

  1. wstdtmflms

    DVD Flick/IMGBurn Issue

    I've been using the standard DVD Flick/IMGBurn method to author and create DVDs for a few weeks now, almost always MPEG-4 files to DVD+DL discs. Up until last week, it was working flawlessly. However, when I came back from the weekend, things started going awry. I authored a DVD of roughly a 90...
  2. Robert the Bruce

    Last Resort

    OK, I've been to YouTube and used Google until I'm blue in the face but can't find an answer. I'm trying to create a Slide-Show using Nero 2017 Platinum (yes, I've also been to Nero Forum) but I'm being told that 'Your project requires more space than available on the destination device'. The...