1. WorldEaterConduit

    DVD Burn Query

    Hello folks I'm trying to burn a file onto a DVD for a care home to watch on their TV, It's an hour long video and the ideal is that I just put the DVD in the player and it plays right away or when the file is selected. Last time I tried it on a friends player in an MP4 format it said 'codec...
  2. N

    Dvd drive: Error accessing system registry

    DVD drive Error accessing system registry. HP Pavilion a6228x Vista Home Premium Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core, 32 Bit -5200+, 2.6 Ghz RAM 2.0 GB Atapi DVD A DH16A1L SCSI CdRom device DVD drive "This device is working properly" in Device Manager. Went to Regedit, deleted the lower...
  3. TauDudeBlobber

    Incorrect Length of DVD Video Object Files

    I have a folder of family videos in the DVD format (VOB, IFO, BUP, all inside a VIDEO_TS folder) that I am trying to convert but the converted files are shorter than they are supposed to be (like less than 1 minute when most of them should be over an hour). I have looked in to my problem and it...
  4. wstdtmflms

    DVD Flick/IMGBurn Issue

    I've been using the standard DVD Flick/IMGBurn method to author and create DVDs for a few weeks now, almost always MPEG-4 files to DVD+DL discs. Up until last week, it was working flawlessly. However, when I came back from the weekend, things started going awry. I authored a DVD of roughly a 90...
  5. B

    Burned DVD reading as blank?

    I have some burned DVDs with home videos on them. When I put them in the DVD drive on my Mac desktop, they read as blank. The DVDs will play in a regular DVD player, so they do have content on them. I restarted the computer in 32 bit mode, and it worked (the system read the DVD). But after doing...
  6. D

    Solved Trying to convert and save a finalised disc into an mp4 file

    So I've been able to figure out how to get old camcorder tapes onto discs and finalise them however when trying to use a number of methods eg. Handbrake or converting using vlc or using DVD decrypter and converting that file on handbrake it either doesn't work, makes the file having scan lines...
  7. R

    How do I rip DVDs with Handbrake without it losing quality?

    Hello. I'm ripping DVDs so that I can post snippets of scenes to put on Youtube videos within fair dealing laws. I'm trying to rip DVDs with Handbrake and it does create a file with playable videos, and there are no problems with the sound. However the picture quality comes out noticeably...
  8. D

    Installed Piriform Defraggler - can't use the DVD drive

    Hi... Installed Piriform Defraggler - it dropped out my NEC DVD drive icon from My Computer right away. I can't use it! BIOS is okay (it is seen at start-up). Installed it right after OS re-install (Windows 10 32 Home).
  9. J

    Burned DVD won’t play

    I made a video on iMovie, downloaded it onto my computer and burned it onto a disc. It said it was successful, but won’t play on my Magnavox DVD player. I made several DVDs and none of them work. I read somewhere that a lower recording speed may help, so I chose the lowest available but it still...
  10. D

    New Windows 10 - no DVD drive listed!

    It's me again... I've got Windows 10 installed, like few days now. All is patched and downloaded, etc. But! ...the system cannot see my DVD-RW NEC Japanese drive! How do I install games now?! Please, help! :( :(
  11. L

    Having a problem with my DVD Player not recognizing DVDs.

    Hello! I have this problem where my DVD player recognizes some DVDs but some not. I got a video on a DVD that I want to play but when I insert it, nothing happens. When I go into My Computer there is "DVD RW Drive (E: )", when I click it It says to insert a DVD and opens my DVD player. I tried...
  12. F

    DVD and BluRay ripping program, AppleTV, homesharing

    I would like to digitalise around 700 dvds and BluRay discs at home. I am looking for a program that allows me to select the subtitles and languages that I want to rip (original plus my mothertongue). I am going to watch it on an AppleTV as well as I want to make the films available for my...
  13. Robert the Bruce

    Windows Media Player Puzzling

    I inserted a DVD into my PC and waited for Windows Media Player to begin playing the DVD. It didn't. I went to 'Start' - 'Windows Media Player' but still couldn't find a way to play this DVD. I went to 'This PC' and saw (see screenshot) but no option to play the disc in Windows Media Player...
  14. jcqln94

    How to open the disc drive for HP 348 H3? No button provided

    Good day! I was wondering how do I open the disc drive of my laptop? I can't see any buttons. Maybe there's some sort of keyboard shortcut? Your feedback would be very helpful. Ta :) Jacq
  15. R

    GPX Class 1 Manufactured in 2009 issues

    My Gpx class 1 is a DVD player and it will not load any disk. Yes the lens is clean. Yes the disk is brand new and has no damage. It keeps clicking and making noises. It worked last night. I am very upset.
  16. 7

    Removing Write Protection from DVD?

    I have this audio CD that I found recently, and I want to clear everything off of the CD (there's only like, one song on it). Unfortunately, it's write protected, so I'm not really sure how to get around that? I've been searching the internet for hours and I still can't find anything that had to...
  17. A

    Cheapest option for 20TB+ of local storage space?

    From being about 15 until a few years ago I use to buy multiple DVDs every week (damn you HMV and Virgin 5 for £20!) Before my son was born we moved house and the room I made my office has this full length storage space running behind the wall so I decided instead of having shelves full of DVDs...
  18. S

    ifo, vob, bup

    Hello, I have a DVD set that i want to be able to watch, but when I put it into my Xbox all it does is goes to a black screen and becomes almost unresponsive. So I took it out and put it into my computer and nothing, wont play or anything. The computer files say they are IFO, BUP, and VOB's but...
  19. K


    THERE seems to be quite a few people who can not read their dvd-r data dvds, especially those that were burnt with Roxio Easy Creator. The properties read FULL, but yet no information can be seen. It might be something to do with the UDF reader not being included with the burn, or the settings...
  20. G

    Edited Video to burn to DVD?

    I'm trying to get edited video to burn onto a DVD for my exhibition. I had attempted to burn the video onto a blank DVD... the Sony DVD+R the 4.7GB. When I'd attempt to play the video, the DVD player gave me an error message. Nothing seems to be able to read the disk. I can't seem to figure...