dvi vga

  1. GameWraps

    Vga - dvi adapter pins bent

    Guys, so I have a monitor that has only a VGA port and a GPU that doesn't have a VGA port. so, I ended up buying a VGA - DVI or vice versa adapter, and when I was trying to connect the DVI to my pc the connection was very loose and I didn't see any picture. so i ended up pressing it too hard and...
  2. Wowchilee

    Dvi-d single link monitor TO VGA port on PC?

    I have a computer that has a VGA port for the monitor.. which VGA is analog And my monitor has a plug on it that is dvi-d single link 18 + 1 pin plug.- which is a digital signal (( Has 3 rows of 3 pins, then a large space with another 3 rows of 3 pins and one long horizontal pin off to the...
  3. J

    DVi worked at work, VGA won't work at home

    Hi. Thanks in advance for any help! At work my computer is hooked up to two monitors via DVi cables. I brought my computer home and plugged it into my monitor with a VGA cable, and nothing appears. I don't know the OS or anything about the computer really, I show up draft and leave. But...