1. J

    Bad Bluetooth Connections on Galaxy S6

    Hello all! I hope you are well! I have a Samsung S6 that is having Bluetooth issues. I am using some earbuds, and they work great, but only within a very short range. Like maybe 1-3ish feet. It almost seems like the phone's Bluetooth signal strength is low or something. I think I've had this...
  2. Zertz

    Audio Red X

    How’s it going everyone. Quick question... I can’t fix the audio at all and I’ve been trying for at least 2 hours. I finally got the driver installed, realtek, and got the output options on. The problem being is the audio won’t detect my headphones and there is still a red X next to the audio...
  3. J

    Bluetooth On S6 Acting Weird

    Hey! So I have a pair of bluetooth earbuds, and up till now, everything with my Samsung S6 and them has been alright. I've had issues, but they've been fixable. Anyways, lately, my phone will connect, but only sometimes, and the main issue is, once connected, the audio cuts out and is incredibly...
  4. J

    Bluetooth Earbuds Not Pairing To Each Other

    Hey! I have a pair of Ceppekyy S2 true wireless earbuds that have worked great for like 7 months. Until recently. The left earbud simply won't connect to the right anymore. Normally, the right side is the "dominant" side. It is the side that plays in mono mode, and the phone connects to that...
  5. L

    Selecting earbuds to buy for 50$ or less

    I skype on my phone a lot and I want earbuds that meet the following requirements. I've done some research but I'm scared of making poor decisions and felt the need to ask for suggestions Comfortability. I've had skullcandys in the past as well as apple earbuds. Both fit fine if that tells you...
  6. P

    Frustrating Audio Issues

    Hello everyone, I'm a High School student using Windows 10. I am currently on an MSI GT62VR 6RE device and this device helps me connect to YouTube, articles including videos, Google Docs, Drive, Slides, etc. The audio issue is very frustrating for me as audio is crucial for my learning as a...
  7. L

    Earbud help..

    Hello, so I have got wireless earbuds ( maplin.co.uk/p/prosound-bluetooth-wireless-stereo-earphones-and-2100mah-power-bank-a96wr ) and my ears are big so they keep falling out, any suggestions to help them stay in my ears?
  8. H

    Earbud trouble, one side much quieter after cleaning

    I just cleaned out my earbuds this morning (they're Apple earbuds). I used a dry nylon toothbrush to brush out much of the debris and used an alcohol swab to clear the rest out. My right earbud is working fine, phenomenally in fact, but my left earbud is suddenly much much quieter. Could the...