1. emiliea19999

    No sound coming through any headphones

    Recently, whenever I plug headphones into the jack on my laptop, the sound is just continuing to come through the laptop speakers. It works, however, when I delete and then install the driver, but when you take the headphones out they don't work going back in. I have been in to the audio devices...
  2. D

    Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    So Everytime I turn on bluetooth, I see two devices pop up with the same name which are two different sides of my headphones. IDK why it doesn't pop up as one and I watch a bunch of YouTube tutorials that couldn't help me. If u know a fix, please let me know below!
  3. M

    Noise cancelling earphones

    Hi I`m looking for affordable noise cancelling cup (over the ear) headphones.To reduce the cost & maybe reduced the battery being drained by Bluetooth I`m looking for those with cables & cups over the ears only (which has been harder to find locally than I thought,normal cables not USB cables...
  4. C

    Somewhat broken earphones

    Hi guys, so this just happened to my Razer Hammerhead earphones. They are still working thankfully, but it's really hard to enjoy listening to music with one earphone being like that. I was thinking I may use hot glue to get that to stick but I'm not a tech expert so I don't know. Any...