1. I

    Tabs in Chrome-based Edge

    Hi Is there a way to set up Chromium-based Edge so that when you click a favourite in the favourites bar or in the favourites folder, it opens in a new tab, please? I can do this with bookmarks in Vivaldi, but can't find a way to do it in Edge. Thank you.
  2. M

    AOL Attachment Sends Entire Filing Cabinet

    I am a musician and for decades I've been sending songs in aol emails as an mp3 attachment - without problems. Now something has gone wrong. I can still attach and send the song as normal. But in my 'sent' copy the attachment has changed name from the song title to my entire document...
  3. R

    Disable search from EDGE address bar.

    I was wondering if there is a way to disable all search capabilities from the EDGE address bar. When I type in a valid address, albeit without the http:// and hit enter, EDGE opens a search page using that address. I have the requirement of going to sites that have never been crawled by search...
  4. D

    Solved Microsoft Edge - site notifications - how do I disable this?

    How do I disable all have been made and future browser Microsoft Edge Notifications for sites? … something's stuck here - sound plays like I get Notification from somewhere when I right-click to Copy / or Paste information on sites. Help me here!! It's annoying ...
  5. D

    Stopping Youtube playbacks; MS Edge, Win10

    I have Windows 10 Home, 32-bit (Russian). My Internet browser is Microsoft Edge under my Windows 10, with a flash player. The computer was recently updated and defragged. Issue: YouTube; some gaming videos, like Virtua Fighter 5 matches, stop on 0.5 seconds and play further again. … maybe...
  6. D

    Edge browser cannot view this...

    Hello! I have Windows 10 with Edge browser (its native), just installed. :) The problem is I cannot view one site with it. The website is www.taleworlds.com . No ad-blocks are installed.
  7. O

    Accessing deleted browser history

    I closed my girlfirends Microsoft Edge browser and all cookies and history is deleted. Lost ton of tabs of sources for her thesis work. What i have tried: -system restore; doesnt work, no points to restore to -command prompt ipcongfig/displaydns does not show any sites connected to, i have not...
  8. J

    Comments and other stuff in browser are bold

    Hello there, i had problems like having italic text in browsers but not the bold one. Here's an example's. Some parts are bold, some not, i've shown in the 3rd picture. http://imgur.com/a/E8ES1 http://imgur.com/a/kXnxj http://imgur.com/a/GMW5R
  9. P

    Solved Edge Problem

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1065T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0 Processor Count: 6 RAM: 7935 Mb Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics, 256 Mb Hard Drives: C: 921 GB (629 GB...
  10. A

    Internet connection detection problem by windows 10.

    Even though my internet icon displays "No internet access" (exclamatory mark in yellow triangle on the icon) I can access internet through mozilla, torrent,.. but when i try to search something in edge it displays 'can't reach the page'. i.e no internet connection, also i am unable to download...
  11. FlagrantPilgrim


    I'm getting this on every website except Facebook and a handful of small news sites. On YouTube, on Google, Bing, Twitter, BBC, NYTimes, Washington Post and many others I'm getting NXDOMAIN. I've tried every command console command I've been told to, ipconfig /flushdns, /release, /renew, netsh...