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    Solved Removing masked words

    Could anyone remove the blue coloured masking on the chat? It's my personal chat and I have 100% authority. Or guide me how to do?
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    how to create outlook email in excel vba.

    Good day, This is my first time posting here. I'm looking in automatizing my excel VBA to send out emails via Outlook on dates that i set in my excel workbook. this is what i need this workbook to do. Automatically run macro 7 days prior to date in column C. not send email on due date...
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    User Profiles On Website

    Hi, I have posted on here before and found 50% of what I'm looking for. I am creating a website for my clients to be able to log in and update their information so that I can run their payroll. I found AuthPro which creates a complete register and login system for me that's really...