editing software

  1. D

    Vegas Pro 15 colors swirled around while picture is still.

    So I was working on a video project and I render it and all. But when I go to open a new project it swirls the colors around. I don't know what happened. It's also on the Project Media tab. It is only talking and swirling the colors around for the videos, not pictures. If you know what's...
  2. K

    Video editing software for posting on youtube

    hey Guys, Im looking for some suggestions on some good video editing software (preferably free =] ) for posting on youtube. Thx Guys!
  3. bobs-here

    The best free software for your PC?

    you may already be aware of some or all of the products but we also are quick to move on and forget older or less used software because we came by it easily. "from photo editing to office suites: The best free software for your PC" stuffThis is from BT Tech & Gadgets>Internet: From photo...