1. D

    Vegas Pro 15 colors swirled around while picture is still.

    So I was working on a video project and I render it and all. But when I go to open a new project it swirls the colors around. I don't know what happened. It's also on the Project Media tab. It is only talking and swirling the colors around for the videos, not pictures. If you know what's...
  2. J

    Which Laptop is best for me? HELP ASAP

    • I do hardcore video editing • I prefer to use Final Cut Pro X • I use Adobe photoshop • I plan on gaming • I plan on editing hi-def videos • Learning how to hack and code • I will use animation software • I plan on playing GTA V and a Overwatch (at the least) • I have a budget of...
  3. K

    dell s2216h or c22f390 or hp 22es or lg 22mp68vq ?

    I need a monitor among those monitor because I am in short of money and I want to use it for photo editing. Now which monitor should I buy for photo editing dell s2216h or samsung c22f390 or hp 22es or lg 22mp68vq or viewsonic vx 2209 for photo editing ? Please help
  4. M

    Upload and save footage from SD card properly????

    PLEASE HELP... I DONT KNOW A LOT ABOUT COMPUTERS. Background: I have footage on my SD card, I want to upload it to my computer, edit it, and upload to Youtube. I put the SD card in my computer which is a Macbook pro. What is the smartest way that I can upload it and save it and also how do I...
  5. K

    Video editing software for posting on youtube

    hey Guys, Im looking for some suggestions on some good video editing software (preferably free =] ) for posting on youtube. Thx Guys!
  6. S

    Hard Drive setup for video and audio production

    For a year I've had constant mess with hard drive organization. i'd like to solve that but not sure exactly what the best setup should be for my workflow. Here is the programs I use for my business which requires both Video, Photo and Audio editing. I am using an iMac Intel Core i7 processor...
  7. txcipack

    Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing?

    I have built like two computers before, but I am still a bit confused on a very few things. I am planning to build a new custom rig and order the parts online tomorrow once I am 100% sure on everything. This purpose is for light video editing and average gaming. To be more specific, I want to...
  8. crcook84

    Editing OBS recordings with multiple tracks

    I've started to use OBS as an alternative to Camtasia (smaller recordings). In particular, I was interested in utilizing the ability to do multitrack recordings to separate all the audio channels. It took like 5 or 6 recordings before I realized I had to configure the mixer settings by clicking...