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    Who use proxy

    Hi! I'm new in it and I have a lot of questions. But at first I want to know WHO use proxy? Not why how and etc. I read many articles about proxy but there is no information about users. I found only sneakerheads(who use bots) and companies(which use proxy to protect). Who else? Maybe someone...
  2. K

    Windows 10 Education cant upgrade to other edition

    I used KMS to upgrade to Windows 10 education, and when i wanted to switch to other versions its IMPOSSIOBLE! i tried to activate with cmd, settings but still dont work. pls help
  3. M

    Windows 10 Education Bootable USB

    I am trying to create a bootable usb for windows 10 education. I already have the iso downloaded. I have tried the windows media creation tool only to find it has options for windows 10 home, pro, and N versions, and tries to download a new copy of windows, but no education.