1. Ipurerican

    Moving EFI Partition

    I recently upgraded my Hard Drive Disk with an SSD, moving my older HDD as a second storage drive. I then installed Windows 10 on my SSD . But the problem is the EFI System partition is still on my HDD, not the SSD. I would like to move the EFI partition to the SSD. Is there a way to either...
  2. L

    Stuck In Efi Shell

    Okay so I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a predicament. I recently was attempting to download windows onto my Chromebook, and i found a guide that told me to try the Mr. Chromebook download, which i installed. I wasn’t sure if i had fully removed the write protect screw, and things never really...
  3. J

    Computer goes to EFI screen when booting

    So i got my computer over a year ago and i have had some parts changed in it a while ago. up until today, everything was fine, windows 10 would just boot up normally. but today when i turned my computer on, it said it was scanning and repairing drives (to which i just let it do). when this...
  4. I

    no boot device found

    when i start my dell laptop it says : checking media checking media no boot device found. Press any key to reboot the machine_ ----------------- hard disk is detected no hardware error detected i used live usb and can access my compled hard disk ----------------- my dell laptop details...
  5. D

    Accidentally deleted EFI partition

    Hello everyone! I had a dual boot on my laptop (running windows 7 and arch linux). I decided to get rid of the linux partitions and accidentally deleted the EFI partition. As a result, my laptop now doesn't recognize that there is any operating system on the computer. What I have tried: I am...