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  1. Lee Lewis

    Solved Backup Notebook Air to external device

    Trying to backup Mac Air (OS X El Capitan v. 10.11.06) to "Black Passport" external drive. "Passport" has old Windows files which I am fine to overwrite. Mac can't see the external drive though it is directly connected to the Mac. I know the external drive is receiving power as it's light is on...
  2. D

    Upgraded to El Capitan on iMac - Now running insanely slow

    Hello, Has anyone downloaded this update and experienced this problem? I have 4G of memory that is all in use. Should I go through the trouble of getting more memory (never did this before on a computer) or do a factory reset? My iMac (early 2009) was running perfectly before this and now I...
  3. P

    Solved Download El Capitan for another Mac

    My husband's Mac is still running on Snow Leopard but he keeps getting a message that he needs to upgrade. His App Store won't open to download the OS X file, so I tried to use the thumb drive with the installation file on it that I used several months ago to upgrade my computer. It now says...
  4. L

    Connecting OS X with Debian Linux

    I am currently running a computer with OS X El Capitan and one with Debian Linux (8). I would like to easily connect the two via ethernet so that I can transfer files over them at high speeds. All of the hardware is configured at this point, but what do I need to do on both the OS X end and the...
  5. M

    Videos Pending?

    I have several videos from a recent wedding. The first 3 have the time length under them. The rest say Pending. Can you tell me what the "Pending" means. I have the El Capitan OS. Thanks PegM