elementary os

  1. LegolasDImir

    Touchpad issues in elementary os juno

    I have been trying to turn a dell latitude e6410 into an inexpensive laptop for my sister in law and have been having numerous issues. One of which that has been the most mysterious is this issue where the touchpad has been super jumpy. Quite by accident last night i discovered that it works...
  2. J

    Blinking light in top corner after os logo appears, unrespon

    My pc starts up normally, until the os logo appears, it gets stuck and all there is, is the flashing dash in the top left corner, occasionally the screen will turn off only to turn back on a split second later, I don't have any flash drives in the pc at boot, the only thing I did before it...
  3. R

    Solved Windows 10 Dual Boot with Elementary OS Crashing Repeatedly

    Hello again: A while ago, I posted a thread about a similar problem. Here is a link to it if it will help at all. Now, let me explain my current situation. Lately I have been getting many blue screens, usually at random times, and I've come to a point where I'm stuck and decided to bring my...