1. P

    Old computer showing no signal when I try to plug in

    I decided to check out our old family computer, an emachine ET1331G-03w and when i went to plug it in to my monitor, it showed no signal. I changed the cord multiple times, changed from my monitor to my TV and still no signal. I've used this cord before so I know it works. Not sure what to do...
  2. S

    Glitchy CPU flash with wrong image produces FrankeneMachine

    I have an eMachine 1831-05 that has always been problematic since a crash around 10 years ago. I recently tried to flash the BIOS, but the image was incorrectly labelled and did not match my hardware. Now, memory allocations and system variables are not matching correctly, causing an ever...
  3. J

    Broken lcd backlight or inverter?

    Hello I was wondering if someone had any advice. My laptop's inverter is makeing a buzzing sound and the screen is very dim. If i try to up the brightness the backlight shuts off(the pixels still work). Sometimes the screen starts flickering and working again but if i shut off the computer then...
  4. S

    eMachines Recovery Management (Windows 7 or 8)

    So my daughter has an eMachines computer (el1352-01e) that took a dump after an update. I'm in Italy for the next 3 years so I ordered the recovery disks. They showed up, I have 1 System Disk and 3 Recovery Disks. Simple enough instructions, run the System Disk, then load the Recovery Disks when...
  5. Bandabiscuit

    Revisiting eMachines EL1333G-01w CPU Upgrade HELP please

    Hey guys, after reading the original thread on this, I decided to upgrade my 4 year old daughters PC, which is an emachine el1333g-01w. I bought two cpu's for it, one 7750 dual core and then decided to get the 9850 95w quad core. I don't have any issues running the dual core, but as soon as I...