1. C

    computer wont run 8GB of RAM (Moved from Windows 7)

    my computer wont run 8GB of ram. it will run 4GB perfectly fine i have checked the bios and theres no updates for it i know its not the ram sticks bc ive tested all 4 sticks i have. its also not the mother board bc i tested sticks in both the front two ports and the back two ports. when i first...
  2. DrYattz

    emachines EL1360G Screen Sleep >>> Coma

    When I start this PC, it works fine until it has been inactive and the screen "goes to sleep." Then, the power stays on, but the screen is black, and no keystrokes of mouse moves can revive it. I must power down and back up again to get the computer operating. My nephew says I'm probably...
  3. Z

    Slow Windows 7 Laptop.

    Hello everyone! I wasnt sure where else to post this so if its in the wrong place feel free to move it. I have a windows 7 eMachines E528 that works EXTREMELY slow, so slow in fact that it is unusalable. Im not sure what the problem is or how to fix it... any suggestions...
  4. D

    Replacement MOBO for Emachines et 1331g

    I have given up hope on getting a new graphics card in hopes getting one that can run openGL 3.3 or better. i do not want a new machine. I'm hoping that if i get a new motherboard it'll have some inter graded graphics that would have open gl 3.3 or better to run. It's for gaming. So is there a...