email attachments

  1. tuteehub

    How to attached outlook with other email account?

    I want to attached outlook account with company email account, but i don't the procedure to attached both account..
  2. C

    Draft newsletter in pages, send as body of email

    So I've been trying to work through this issue on my own for a while now to no avail. For yeas I've promoted the benefits of my beloved Apple computers because as an artist I love a lot of the capabilities it provides and the overall clean and finished look of a lot of the in house drafting...
  3. C

    Edit an email attachment on Adobe without saving to computer

    I would like to know how to edit PDF email attachments on Acrobat Reader DC (Adobe) and then send the edited PDFs back to the sender without having to save the attachments to my computer and create a whole new email. I have a Windows 7 computer, however I am attempting to do this on my boss'...
  4. C

    Please, please help! Outlook

    Recently, when I try to attach a file to an email in Outlook it pops up with an extra dialog box to browse files one at a time and then click attach. Before when I clicked the attach paperclip it went directly to my files on the computer and I could attach as many files as I wanted. The first...
  5. R

    Receiving email attachments as winmail.dat ... HELP

    Whenever I receive emails from one particular email domain (there are several people that regularly send me emails from this domain), the attachments come through as a single winmail.dat file rather than the actual PDF, XLS, etc, files. This happens on all devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and...
  6. B

    Win10: Browse for file saving Google email attachments

    ... so I've installed Win10... now when I have an pdf or Word file (etc) attached to a Google email and then "download" the file... I see it but seem unable to save it where I want to. I used to be able to navigate (browse) to a sub-directory somewhere of my choosing on my local hard drive &...