email issues

  1. P

    Solved Lumia 735 Won't Send Email

    Hello, I have a Lumia 735 Windows phone, and I have my email account set up. I followed all of the settings from my provider for both incoming and outgoing mail. My settings match their instructions. I can receive email with no problem-- but when I try to send email from my phone it sits in the...
  2. R

    Receiving email attachments as winmail.dat ... HELP

    Whenever I receive emails from one particular email domain (there are several people that regularly send me emails from this domain), the attachments come through as a single winmail.dat file rather than the actual PDF, XLS, etc, files. This happens on all devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and...
  3. micromos

    Solved Can't receive email on Tablet

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. I have had it for 2 years. I have two email addresses. One with Yahoo and one with my local cable company Wowway. I cannot receive email from my Wowway address. I can send out from the wowway address but cannot receive. I can receive and send on my laptop...
  4. S

    Outlook 2003 won't receive emails since switching to Xfinity

    I can send but not receive email in outlook 2003 since our daughter switched our Comcast to their new X10 platform. I called Comcast 4 days ago and only received 2 callbacks saying someone would call me in 24 hours, 48 hours later each. Error box says incoming server could not be found. Asus...
  5. J

    Email issues - rich text to reply to me

    Hi there I've been told a few times now by different people that they have issues replying to my emails or sending me emails unless they switch to rich text. I hazard a guess that many people just give up so I need to get it sorted as I use my email for work and it's vital! I use as...