1. K

    Mac Mail Connection

    All - I'm a super beginner, so apologies if this is a super stupid question. I cannot get my Mac Mail to connect. I have a Macbook, the mail has always worked in the past, but I just did an upgrade to version 12.1; I have no idea if that makes a difference or not. I've checked my setup by...
  2. C

    email service

    Thanks. email service .... gmail or Regards
  3. totallylosttech

    Outlook/Gsuite email

    When originally creating the account, I opted to allow MS to manage my domain. That stopped all my emails from GSuite. I removed most everything MS related from my DNS which enabled access to my emails and created an alias for GSuite to get the email I set up with Microsoft working. I can...
  4. C

    Exporting messages from Windows Live Mail to Pegasus

    I just downloaded Pegasus mail on my new (refurbished) computer and need to transfer my messages, accounts, etc from Windows Live Mail on my laptop to it. Can anyone walk me through this? And while I'm here, I was torn between Thunderbird and Pegasus, but went with Pegasus because it is...
  5. hcronin121

    Solved Cannot Access Email

    I have tried several times to open my email on different computers and phones and I am unable to do so. The message reads as follows; This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall...
  6. A

    yahoo email "Piggybacking" problems

    This is embarrasing. I've used Yahoo mail for ages, never had this happen. Gotta be a simple explanation. I send emails out as a musician to places looking for work, and often cut and paste a pre designed message from M Word to the message section on email, after having typed in the email...
  7. H

    Solved Outlook 2016 -- Won't start due to problem with pst file

    Here's what happened, and how I already tried repairing it: my e-mail stopped working -- I knew there was an issue with the fact that AOL had taken over email services for Verizon, so I tried to work on the settings. While doing that and repeatedly testing different settings, Outlook crashed...
  8. S

    Access Email not sending in Windows 10, but works in W7

    Has anyone heard of an issue where an email created in Access won't send through outlook when it's pulled up in Windows 10, but will work when it's pulled up in Windows 7? This access database has worked for years, and worked up until this week in Windows 10. I'm still in Windows 7, so when I...
  9. LaurenCreative

    Email signature not working Gmail

    Hi, I work in marketing and sent a image around to all staff to change their email signatures too. To change the email signature staff have followed the usual procedure of going into their Gmail settings and uploaded my sent image and saved it etc When I tried to change my company email...
  10. L

    Yahoo Email set to another Language

    About five days ago, our business email that we've had for 10+ years was changed from English to Chinese. It is now set to Qima Yahoo and for the life of us, there is absolutely no way to change it back. I have searched the internet for hours trying to find a way to change it back to our...
  11. C

    Sent Apple Mail and lost all my sent mail!

    I have an old (Yahoo) email account. I sent a message to it from a website, not realizing the website was sending it via Messenger (or Mail?). When I returned to my Yahoo account, all of my past sent mail was gone! Incoming mail is now arriving both in my yahoo account and in the "mail"...
  12. D

    Solved How to use the 'Send to' feature on a Windows 2012 server

    I am working remotely to prepare documents on a new server that is being set up for this purpose. Since it's not my server I can't change things (which is definitely good) but I can make suggestions. The documents need to either be sent to other team members or requestors. In order to easily do...
  13. draceplace

    Mailer-Daemon - what action to take?

    One of my email accounts is getting many Mailer-Deamon rejection\return to sender messages. I'm assuming someone is using the address for spam. What is my best course of action?
  14. MusicTech1

    "Show Images" feature security in Yahoo app

    Why does it ask to "Show Images" in Yahoo mail app? I accidentally clicked on "show images" on what looks like a phishing email. I didn't click on the hyperlink, but I clicked the "show images" button. Am I infected with viruses now?? LOL What is the purpose of "show images"? I've heard opening...
  15. S

    Country not supported error on setup

    I just purchased a Samsung Tab A tablet and started going through initial set up sequence. It is for my son who is under 13 so I created a Gmail account for him and then it said it needs a parent account to verify it. So I put in my account and password and it comes up with 'this...
  16. C

    Sending an email with excel

    A while ago, OBP helped me create an excel sheet that automatically sends me an email when a cell displays "send". Lately it has been sending an email regardless of whether the cell displays send. It's also not displaying the "action required" in the email. I was hoping someone could point out...
  17. viniox

    Exchange 2013 Email Issue

    After installing exchange 2013 at a customers business they now have an issue where they cannot send email to anyone with the same mail domain as them. It just comes back as undeliverable. Their domain is as an example: This domain isnt just theirs... it is owned by a local ISP...
  18. K

    Email date

    Hello Is it possible to trace a date change in a forwarded email chain? Ie an email shows that it was sent on 01.11.17 but yet it wasn't it was sent on 07.11.17 & the sender changed dates in the thread!
  19. J

    Unwanted carriage returns inserted into Gmail text

    A problem has developed with my Gmail recently. I just type simple emails in Gmail, nothing fancy other than setting Gmail to Rich text mode. But whether I open Gmail in Chrome or Firefox, numerous unwanted random carriage returns (vertical spaces) are being inserted into my normal text emails...
  20. E

    Outlook outgoing mail incorrect email address

    Hello all. I use an email address with - an email provider attached to my domain name - and I've connected it to my outlook. For some reason when I send emails its sending from a long numbered and lettered outlook again address: eg. [email protected] any...