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    Email sent excel multiple cell due dates

    I want to have an email sent with the topic of the training and the name of the person. this is according to the date but since it has a lot of trainings and dates it works with columns instead of rows. It has two due dates one for a yearly email reminder and one for every 3 years.
  2. J

    How do I get this code to stop emails of the cell next to it is marked complete

    Please help if you can, I know very little about excel and I have a very complicated spreadsheet to build. If I can pull this off, it will help me fight the coming layoffs. Problem I need excel to send automatic email when the spread sheet is opened to the supervisor every time a check in...
  3. L

    Moving my outlook emails to my gmail

    I'm having massive problems trying to move my outlook account to my gmail account. I've gone through all the steps on Gmail, but it just won't do it. Has anyone else had issues regarding this at all? I'm very close to tearing all my hair out! Help would be appreciated :)
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    upgrading excel email notifications

    Hi, I found this macro on Daniel B. Curran Jr.'s site. This automatic email sending function is great for me, but a few things are missing: 1. The macro only works when a specific row is selected and the "send" button in the excel sheet is pressed. I would like to send emails automatically...