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    Importing emails from entourage to gmail

    i have a mac and its really time to change my old email system, as i am still using microsoft entourage, however, i am unsure how to import my emails into my google account. when i go to settings and attempt to import emails/contacts and put it the email and such, it doesnt work and says there...
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    Failure to send/rec emails on Outlook 2003

    Cannot send or rec emails on Outlook. Suddenly stopped. Msg box: "The operation failed." Tried to get to Accounts pg. Msg box: "Operation failed due to registry or installation problem. Restart & try again. If problem persists, please reinstall." I have never done a reinstallation. How...
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    Receiving email from phony contacts

    I know I am not going to use the correct jargon, I will do my best to ask the appropriate question though. My wife was recently targeted by a (phishing?) scam, a (dishonest person) sent her an email, disguised (spoofed?) as her boss, his name and requesting a wire transfer to an account. This is...
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    MS Outlook emails sent to wrong folder

    Hi, I am using MS Outlook 2010 I have 2 questions: I have just changed ISP's for my emails and all my sent emails are now being placed in the wrong folder. Take a look at the attached pdf. How to rectify? I have an inbox full of POP3 emails. Can I simply drag and drop (or cut and paste)...
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    E-mail bounce backs

    Hello, This is really hard to describe because it's other people's emails bouncing back when trying to email me at the correct email address We're a church/business and a few people (that I know of) are emailing us and then having their emails bounced back - then they try again to let me know...
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    Not receiving emails from a specific service to Myway email

    Hi! I have a mailbox at It works great, but for some reason, I do not receive emails from my local petition signing service. All other emails come as usual. Black list and junk folders are empty. Also, those emails used to come normally before, but suddenly stopped. The service says...
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    Help wife phone may have hidden secretes. Need to know

    Hello my wife I believe to have secrete apps that cover over others or a extra sum card. Or toggle something or other. I can access her phone for its on my account and can provide any extra info to find out if she has any devious secretes that can effect our marriage. Please help me thank you.