1. S

    Support for DOS apps and legacy XP apps

    As I've understood it, ever since the release of Windows 7, there has been no way to support programs written to run in a DOS session from within Windows, even by using XP Mode or by running a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. Is this still true, or have there been any methods or products...
  2. Octaviuso8

    Oxygen content detectors for embedded systems

    a sensor that can observe oxygen content in air in closed system to use in arduino
  3. L

    Music not playing from website

    Please help - here is the scenario: Trying to play music (meditation soundtrack) from a site called Headspace.com. (This is a site where you pay for a daily meditation session, and you have to play it directly from the website - it can not be downloaded or saved in any way). So far so good...