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    h.265 Encoding

    Hello, Everyone I was wondering what the absolute best machine I can build if I wanted to encode/transcode multiple files at once in h.265. I am especially focused on what CPU to choose, whether or not I should opt for more cores or higher clock speeds. Thank you very much.
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    Documents in Code - Can't read Windows 7 in Windows 10

    Hi, bought a new Dell w/ Windows 10 ... transferred my old files from my laptop (Windows 7) to the new computer and now I can see the files all listed but when I try to open them, a box appears asking me: "SELECT THE ENCODING THAT MAKES YOUR DOCUMENT READABLE." I am given three options to read...
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    UTF-8 Problems on Centos/Cpanel with Tomcat 5

    I am having problems with a site for a hong-kong based customer who wants to use chinese characters in web page URIs. I have set up all the configuration options I have found in various forums and have this working perfectly for pure HTML pages served by Apache and for Tomcat served pages...