encrypted corrupt file

  1. Louvern

    Ransomware (.jdyi) How to decrypt files?

    I recently started a forum about my laptop being infected with trojan virus. Then my files are encrypted to .jdyi extension. So far this is what I have done already: (I installed Emsisoft Decryptor but it says that decryption is impossible) What am I going to do? And where can I get help? Where...
  2. TwDean

    Receiving bogus targeted emails

    My wife says she is receiving emails from several different addresses that seem targeted at her after problems with her former boss. Some emails look like code. I will paste few lines below Can anyone tell us what this is or were we can get help? Only a few lines of email below: hrungs swingin...
  3. P

    Wordperfect 12 Corrupted Password File

    I desperately hope someone can help me. I have been using Wordperfect 12 for years and I enjoy the program, but this is the fourth time it has corrupted the Password on a pass protected file. I know the password, but when I enter it, it tries to tell me that that is not the correct password...