encryption file program

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    How do I protect a PDF?

    How can I encrypt and password protect a scanned PDF so I can send it to someone without requiring him to install any programs? We're both Windows 10. I know that Adobe can do this but you have to pay through the nose. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    New Gandcrab v5.04

    Hello I've got GLMOKSI-DECRYPT.txt which has Gandcrab v5. 04 ransonware.. All my files are encrypted. Bitdefender doesn't have a decryptor for v5.04. I need help, what should I do.
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    Solved Forgot which encryption software I used to create file

    In May 2013 I downloaded a password protect program for files from Download.com and created a password protected file (My assumption is that it used encryption also). About 5 months later my laptop broke and with it the program that created the file. Now I need to open that file. The file just...