1. lee.zhihao2020

    Swap to same model PCB board remove the encryption?

    I have 2 units of WD My Passport Ultra (Backup) with the same PCB model. https://support-en.wd.com/app/products/product-detail/p/1377 I have encrypted both of them with WD software (HARDWARE ENCRYPTION) and they work ok but I have question: If someone (donate) have the same PCB model from none...
  2. zebanovich

    Encrypt your DNS traffic

    Do you guys encrypt your DNS traffic? No?? It's nothing new really, if you would like to take a read start HERE What are the core benefits of encrypting DNS? 1. Helps preventing DNS spoofing 2. Helps preventing ISP and others from spying on you How to encrypt DNS traffic? Download Simple DNS...
  3. A

    Encryption and Secure Deletion

    Hello! I was hoping to get some pointers on how to build my own encryption software that would also be able to securely delete the encrypted file if the password was entered wrong. I want to use 256 aes or similar encryption and possibly a 25 or more overwrite deletion. Long story short I'm...
  4. J

    New Gandcrab v5.04

    Hello I've got GLMOKSI-DECRYPT.txt which has Gandcrab v5. 04 ransonware.. All my files are encrypted. Bitdefender doesn't have a decryptor for v5.04. I need help, what should I do.
  5. K

    media files not opening

    there are some media files which are not opening in my sd card. i have a xperia m5 and earlier i encrypted my sd card and after that my phone was dead for 2 months due to some hardware issue and now when the phone is fixed i am unable to excess some files in my sd card. the gallery in phone...
  6. Y

    Encrypted partition on damaged HDD

    My laptop HDD stopped appearing. Definitely physical damage. I had a partition that was encrypted and I haven't accessed it in long enough that I don't recall the password. I would have to try many things. I couldn't get a straight answer from the specialist I talked to on this: if the sectors...
  7. E

    Help with encrypted files

    I recently replaced my surface pro 4 and I copied all my data to a USB, changed computers and copied all my data to my bee computer. My old computer is gone. However, there were some files on the old computer that I had encrypted and as such I can't access them now. Is there any way to decrypt...
  8. B

    Can data techs see the individual files in a dmg file?

    The drive on my MacBook failed recently and I really need to get my data back. I am hesitant to take my hard drive in for repair/recovery for fear that, somehow, the techs will be able to see the individual files in a dmg file I keep on my laptop. They will be extracting data by taking my drive...
  9. terryxp

    Help!! Encrypted Windows wont boot.

    Hello old freinds. So, a little back story. I have a Toshiba Sattelite Core i5 laptop, dual boot Linux and Win10 pro. I had downloaded a trial version of Symantec encryption desktop, and encryped the windows partition. All was fine, I was using grub as boot loaded, and when Lunix did an update...
  10. B

    Encryption W7 Pro 64-bit

    When I create any document, (file), Word, Jpg, Xls, and save it to a folder it automatically becomes "encrypted", file shows up green when the folder is opened. Same if I move a file, (black), from one folder to another. Rules say I can't swear but I want to; I'm tired of going to...
  11. TwDean

    Receiving bogus targeted emails

    My wife says she is receiving emails from several different addresses that seem targeted at her after problems with her former boss. Some emails look like code. I will paste few lines below Can anyone tell us what this is or were we can get help? Only a few lines of email below: hrungs swingin...
  12. A

    Encryption of hard drives, external drives and Memory sticks

    I volunteer for a Charity in the main role of IT admin. Part of what I want to do is ensure the Laptops, External Drives and Memory sticks are encrypted, but I am worried if I (try to) encrypt a drive with files already on, they will get messed up. I am not an expert, so would appreciate any...
  13. S

    Bitlocker Stopped Working after Hard Drive Swap

    Computer: Lenovo Thinkpad E450 Windows 10 Pro New Harddrive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO I recently switched out my factory harddrive for a SSD. I unencrypted the factory harddrive before doing anything. Created the image, and then made the switch. I am now trying to encrypt the new harddrive but am...
  14. P

    Cryptowall 3.0 on Windows 7

    Windows 7 ASUS desktop infected with Cryptowall 3.0. ASUS will not supply me with a System Repair Disk. Sorry if silly or misguided question but is this a feasible option (not to recover encrypted documents, but simply to start fresh with an uninfected computer)??: - On infected Windows 7...
  15. B

    What does it mean when screen says "encryption of ____"?

    I may receive calls from 6 different people. Normally, they all say "in call 1, in call 2, in call 3, etc when I receive a call from one of them. This is true for all 6 people. But for two of them it sometimes says "encryption of 1, or encryption of 2". Not always, but sometimes. Why is...
  16. H

    Cannot Access Encrypted Folder after installing AD DC

    Cannot Access Encrypted Folder after installing Active Directory Domain Controller please help Editing post with complete Details in windows 2012 Server there is a common folder to share with all network user in workgroup here are the step by step screen shots