error 404

  1. B

    ERROR 404 micro_httpd (pink screen)

    hey guys, since about 2:00 this afternoon my internet suddenly just stopped. all up until now none of my devies have been able to get onto a webiste but instead have been taken to a pink page with the error ERROR 404 file not found micro_httpd i assumed it had something to do with my...
  2. Koroshiya

    Solved MS Exchange Admin Center "Error 404"

    A little bit of back story-- Company doesn't have an IT guy, I'm the local PC "expert", they stick me in charge of setting up the new server they purchased. I can accomplish just about anything I want/need out of my computers, so I figured this task wouldn't be too far out of my knowledge range...
  3. H

    error message on phone

    hi there, I keep getting an error message when I use internet on my phone. its a samsung galaxy S7. it happens both on chrome and on the provided samsung internet app. the error message reads "404 not found" then below, "file not found" and a link which, when pressed just loops me back to the...