error 43

  1. F

    GTX 1050 not recognized by laptop, all drivers up to date

    Hello! I have an XPS 15 9560 laptop. It comes with a GTX 1050. Recently, my laptop has refused to recognize the GTX. I consistently get "error code 43" in Device Manager. I have tied restarting, redownloading NVIDIA software, and using the Pro version of Easy Driver to make sure all my drivers...
  2. I

    GPU Problems

    I'm using an ASUS laptop that has a Gtx 960m in it. Yesterday I restarted my computer after trying to play games that would crash on launch. After rebooting, my computer functioned how it would without having any graphics card; no nvidia control panel and HORRIBLE frame rate in games ( > 10 fps)...
  3. rojeh

    Error code 43 : Graphic card

    Hello, I have installed a new graphic card, Gigabyte GeForce Nvidia GTX 1060 x2 oc 6GB. After uninstalling the old drivers with DDU in safe mode and installing the new ones with Geforce experice It did work, I could play games at the desired game settings until I have received a notification...
  4. I

    New Computer and already trouble

    Hello, So for Christmas we bought our son a new gaming computer. 3 weeks later we cant get it out of Safe Mode, there is blue lines on the screen and it says Error 43, which I have found is a driver error. So I removed the driver and redownloaded but still nothing. So my husband was talking...