error code

  1. J

    System Can't Update

    I have some updates available. However, whenever I go to do the updates, it gives me error code 0x800736b3. I've tried googling it and doing whatever I get, but that hasn't worked, and I've run a full virus scan twice and it didn't find anything. It's seriously slowing down my computer. I had no...
  2. T

    PS3 Problem

    Hello, I have a 1G PS3 model, and recently when I first turned it on, I see a dialog box with a specific code. I went to the Playstation website to look it up, but the definition of the code on my TV screen was not listed. Can you help me fix this situation?
  3. H

    error message on phone

    hi there, I keep getting an error message when I use internet on my phone. its a samsung galaxy S7. it happens both on chrome and on the provided samsung internet app. the error message reads "404 not found" then below, "file not found" and a link which, when pressed just loops me back to the...
  4. A

    Solved Error All USB Ports Write Protected

    No matter what I plug into my laptops usb ports and go to to move a file or copy a file I now get the error code that the device is write protected. WE have 2 external hard drives we back up stuff on daily and usb sticks for music and none of them are actually write protected or have a switch to...
  5. Dodds98

    Error Code 0xc0000001

    Just updated my computer to windows 8.1 I've been getting this error code 0xc0000001 and this one attempted_execute_of_noexecute_memory I've searched online no help. I need help ;(
  6. L

    Home build gaming PC -screens of death + game crashes

    Sounds like my PC is totally non functioning but it is! I really need your help figuring out the problem. I built it 3 years ago with Radeon HD 7970 GPU - always had problems with intermittent game crashes and browsers closing down when surfing the net etc. Thought it was the GPU, got in...
  7. G

    Can't install the game League of legends

    Everytime i try to install the game it says i can't install visual c++ 2005 redistributable. The only thing it shows me before closing the download is an error code called 1935
  8. K

    a Toshiba tec digital computing scale model sl9000

    i have a Toshiba tec digital computing scale model sl9000 that is not working when turned on with a beep sound and an error code 5001. Please advise a solution for this problem.