1. Unweakened

    Hardware issue or not? if so....what?

    Hi all, First time here, need to try and figure out what is wrong with my PC. Few weeks back I started getting BSOD's randomly, always a different code and i could never figure out what was causing it. Prior to the BSOD, only sometimes, the applications might flicker, or if I'm playing a game...
  2. O

    Framework 4.0 error

    Hello! First of all i cant open an application that pop up a missing framework 4.0 error etc... Then i tried to download framework 4.0 at Microsoft. Then the installation said there is already 4.8 latest version. my problem is how to fix this error??? Windows 10 Version 1909 OS Build...
  3. C

    Can’t download Framework 4.0.30319 because of fwork 4.8

    This is pretty famous error. About framework 4.0+. I have a laptop with windows 10 and I am trying to open an application that needs framework 4.0 . But I already have 4.8 framework and I can’t even download framework 4.0 because 4.8 blocking this framework 4.0 . How to solve this problem? I’ve...
  4. N

    Installing Ansys student

    Hi im trying to install ansys on my laptop and when i get to the product installation i get a critical error that says "The manifest file specifed for this installation does not exist. Please verify that the install was run according to the documentation. File not found: uninst_data_dat" I dont...
  5. J

    Can't connect to website (

    Hello! More of an unusual issue. I tried to access on 3 devices on the same day, but the website didn't work. The issue is still occurring on the 3 devices, but not on any other device. On my PC, I flushed the DNS cache, changed my DNS to Google's ( and, and basically...
  6. M

    Cant connect two laptops (in order to have dual monitors)

    Have a Razer Blade and Lenovo. Want to use Lenovo as secondary monitor to extend screen and ease tasks. Have tried everything suggested online to do this with no luck. Any advice?
  7. L

    Exe files not running

    So...I downloaded apps from the internet. It couldn't launched. I looked up some advice, and tried to change the registry. I changed the wrong file by adding the wrong value. It was the 'exe' folder. I changed the default value data from ' exefile ' to “%1” %*. That value was supposed to be in...
  8. K

    We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one

    Hello! I am trying to install fresh copy of Windows 10 on my HP ProBook 450 G2 using USB stick and I got to the part where I have to choose partition on which I want to install it on. I deleted every single one so it would merge into one huge unallocated space. But when i highlight it and press...
  9. A

    Error 0x8000FFFF On A WD My Book External HDD

    I'm having issues with Error 0x8000FFFF with my WD My Book External HDD (2TB). This issue just recently started this morning after a forced windows update rebooted my computer while I was asleep and when I tried to save something on my HDD I keep getting the error, not only can I not save new...
  10. I

    can't fix error code?

    Hi, all! I downloaded a program, a chat client called Pesterchum, a few weeks ago. It's been working fine and I like it! However, today, when I tried to open it, it gave me an error code: "Error: [errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed". The only options the program gives are to quit or reconnect, but...
  11. G

    Games crash / Video driver crash

    Hi there, I have been having this problem for the last 5 days and need help. I recently bought an M.2 SSD and installed it in my PC with no problem. I also removed the old thermal paste and put some new, cleaned all the fans and the heatsink, etc...I installed Windows 10 from a bootable...
  12. D

    New PC resetting during Windows setup but stable in BIOS

    I've recently built a new pc for my friend and all was going well, I finished and turned it on for the first time and entered the BIOS with ease. I connect my USB with a clean Windows on it and as I start to set it up, the PC just shuts off and resets, it's been doing this for 3 days now and...
  13. E

    Solved Cannot download malwarebytes

    Have been trying to download malwarebytes and get an error due to chromium interference. I had same issue some time back but continued to insist and finally was able to get malwarebygtes to download. I removed it and now want to re-install it but chromium will not let me. gives me an error...
  14. A

    Flash Drive ReadOnly, file/directory is corrupted and unread

    I have a 1TB Flash drive that currently has the "file/directory is corrupted and unreadable" error. I have used the chkdsk command but to no avail due to "read-only" status on my flash drive. When I tried using diskpart to remove the read-only attribute on my flash drive, the "current read-only...
  15. J

    League of Legends (game_error_directx)

    Each time I load LoL there is a 'crash' and a bugsplat report, but the game does not actually crash. When this happens I know it means that my game is not going to load. It does not do it all the time; a restart will fix the issue and I can usually play some games without having to restart...
  16. S

    Solved Internet not working on pc, does work on other devices

    Good day, On my pc when I trouble shoot I get this error: The device or resource won't accept the connection. I am connected via ethernet and the connection works on my phone. But I can't use any browser or app such as Steam or Spotify. Tried all the common "solutions" I tried: Reseting...
  17. K

    General SQL Error

    Hello! I'm with a new error in my set up in which a message shows up as shown in the picture bellow. I'd like some help with it, if possible. Is this something an amateur could easily take care of?
  18. S

    Computer won't hard reset

    I am trying to sell my Acer Nitro 5 and had met someone willing to purchase it. I went to hard reset it and it gave the normal options of wiping all user data from my 2 hard drives, while it was performing it instantly went to 10% and stopped there for 5 hours, the computer went without power...
  19. S

    Solved Updating the drivers

    I don’t know how I should update the drivers on my Sony Vaio SVL2412M1EB Windows 7 64-bit PC. I don’t know where is the best place on the internet that has the latest drivers. It’s where I did update some drivers using IOBIT Driver Boost, then was told how there are so many infections using...
  20. S

    Solved "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

    I have a Windows 7 computer. I mainly use Google Chrome and Firefox as my browsers. I am trying to access a website called, but I am getting this blank page with the message "This site can't be reached-ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I know it has something to do with my computer as it...