1. LaurenRice

    Solved Hard Drive Not Found

    So this is on a Dell Optiplex 3020. I did a factory reset, everything was good and windows started to reinstall, then it ran into an error and rebooted, now when it tries to boot it gives me a Hard Drive Not Found error. I ran the diagnostic built in and everything was fine, no problems...
  2. N

    My Hardrive

    Hello. I am hoping you can help me. I recently upgraded my HD to a SSD. I cloned the HD to the SSD and then replaced the drive in my system. Everything seemed to work fined for about 2 days but for some reason I can no longer access my 10TB backup drive. After I complete the update to the SSD...
  3. E

    Philips dvd dcp750 sd/mmc card error

    hello, i bought a secondhand portable dvd player last week. it's philips dvd dcp750/12. the seller told me it works perfectly fine and showed me videos of dvd player while working. but when i tried to use my sd cards with it at home, it says 'no memory card' i tried 3 different cards and i still...
  4. EyobPc

    Digital Rights Error "WidevineCdm"

    Whenever I go on my chromebook and go to prime video on chrome, it shows a popup saying 'Digital rights error' and telling me to update widevine. But whenever i go to chrome://components there isnt any widevine component there. Ive tried everything in settings (like allowing sites to play...
  5. D

    Asus BIOS Boot loop

    Hello, I am in need of some help regarding my ASUS PC BIOS. I have no idea what's happened but I seem to be stuck in a constant loop no matter what I change and adjust in the boot settings. I've followed instructions online changing the Secure Boot OS Type, Saving PK keys on a USB and loading...
  6. zebanovich

    Guide on how to interpret error codes in Windows

    Sooner or later various programs, services, hardware or Windows components may stop working properly and then you might stumble upon some cryptic error code such as: Surely the bare number makes no sense and most users will just ignore it, but if you want to fix the problem this number is...
  7. M

    Cant view website on one device!!

    Hi, maybe you guys can help me.. I’ve been working on a Wordpress Site for several months. Suddenly I cannot get it to load on my macbook, regardless of what browser I use. It will load on my iMac, other laptop, and phones - basically all other devices. This is on wifi or hotspot, same thing...
  8. D

    Laptop broken :(

    My laptop recently automatically updated and has not since worked properly. When I try to turn it on, all that shows up is the logo and the loading wheel, or a black screen. I cannot access the log in screen. I have tried most if not all the solutions in Troubleshoot. I also created a backup...
  9. J

    Windows 10 errors

    When I first turn on my computer I get an error saying "your pc ran into a problem, we're just collecting some info and we'll restart it for you." It then turns off. I turn it back on an I'm met with "your pc did not start correctly, press restart to restart your pc, which can sometimes fix the...
  10. N

    Dvd drive: Error accessing system registry

    DVD drive Error accessing system registry. HP Pavilion a6228x Vista Home Premium Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core, 32 Bit -5200+, 2.6 Ghz RAM 2.0 GB Atapi DVD A DH16A1L SCSI CdRom device DVD drive "This device is working properly" in Device Manager. Went to Regedit, deleted the lower...
  11. M

    MY Windows is again and again crashing

    Hi, I have a desktop Pc: Config: i5 6400 Ram: HyperX 16Gb DDR4 2133mhz GPU: Quadro K620 Hard drive: WD 1TB barracuda OS: Windows 10 Professional Problem: I have tried many many times different windows to install. but after 4-5 days I don't know why it's crashing or corrupting. I even cleaned...
  12. Cyberpenguin

    LogonUI.exe - System Error

    So recently, I have gotten into the emulation of phones and computers, stuff like Virtual Machines. However, it was required that I enabled a setting called 'Virtualization Technology' in my HP computer. I was informed that it should not ever damage my computer. After enabling this and...
  13. Djombe

    DHCP/Ethernet problem

    I live in a dorm which provides internet access by wifi and ethernet cable. My wifi works and I can connect to my floor network but ethernet doesnt seem to cooperate. I tried netsh, ipconfig and other commands, didnt work. The troubleshooter sometimes switches from 'Windows could not...
  14. B

    White Screen Error on Boot Up

    Hello! I guess I should start this off by saying, I'm stumped & I don't want to go to some technician until I have some idea what's going on. I have a Inspiron 15-3465. I got this refurbished computer from Windows 10 Amazon, several months ago. It's fast & easy to use, I can even play some games...
  15. M

    Constant crashing and BSOD on MSi gaming laptop

    Hi all, My MSI gaming laptop crashes randomly, even when no programs are running. I get all kinds of BSOD error messages (see below). Someone in a Facebook group suggested that it was an overheating issue, but the core temps don't get that high. I blew out all the vents anyway, but there wasn't...
  16. usingh066397

    Install windows 98 SE on ProBook 6450b

    For context, i am only booting from the cd, rather than the boot floppy, could this solve the problem? it has win xp already installed, i made a drive partition for win98, need help
  17. C

    Can not boot windows 10 from usb on HP elite book

    I have an HP elite book 820 G3 laptop, I had a corrupted hard drive and have now replaced it trying to reinstall windows off a usb device and continuously getting no media present error when I try to boot from file, anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks
  18. M

    NVIDIA Web Helper.exe - Bad Image

    I am getting an error code that shows up everytime I turn my computer on. This is exactly what it reads. NVIDIA Web Helper.exe - Bad Image C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCP140.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original...
  19. PMrocks

    Unable to merge unallocated space to D: disk

    I was trying to make dual boot of kali linux with windows 10. So I created a 50GB partition for that and did the dual boot successfully. but after few months I removed Kali Linux and formatted the 50GB partition and made it as unallocated space. Now I'm trying to merge that 50GB space with main...
  20. Unweakened

    Hardware issue or not? if so....what?

    Hi all, First time here, need to try and figure out what is wrong with my PC. Few weeks back I started getting BSOD's randomly, always a different code and i could never figure out what was causing it. Prior to the BSOD, only sometimes, the applications might flicker, or if I'm playing a game...