ethernet cable

  1. I

    What cable do i use to connect my wifi box to smart tv??

    Help, I don’t know which sort of cable I should use to connect my wifi box to smart tv. Do I use ethernet?
  2. O

    Ethernet Port

    So I’m in college and last year I stayed in a dorm. I got a ps4 and I played 2k but when I was online, it was lagging. A friend told me to get a lan cable, i did and it was better. Now I moved to an apartment and the lan cable doesn’t not fit on the port. I’m wondering if there’s a smaller or...
  3. T

    Solved Plugged in Ethernet cable, WiFi somehow merged with it

    Hi Everyone, hope someone can help me with this issue as I have tried so many things already (n) I have a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop where I normally do my work with a wireless connection which I also use on my mobile phone. Let me first say that somewhere last year I used an Ethernet cable...
  4. C

    No Internet Access/ Network Access Via An Ethernet Cable

    All of the computers within the business I work for are having (or have had, this is an on going issue) with connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable or via Wifi. We predominantly use Ethernet cables. It either says no internet access, or no network access. All the drivers are up to date...
  5. Y

    Network cable unplugged???

    I have a Ethernet cable plugged in from my router and everything is plugged in correctly. However, in the adapter settings, it says "Network cable unplugged". I have changed speed &duplex, restarted my pc and also updated all of my drivers, if anybody has a solution, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. lilerawr

    Ethernet works but doesnt?

    Hi yes hello, I'm currently having problems with my ethernet connection and was wondering if anyone could possibly help here. I just got a new pc built, current one im using, but when i first connected the ethernet cable i saw things were very slow, it estimated a game would take 5+ hours to...
  7. J

    my ethernet cable stopped working

    Hi. I really have a problem with my internet. I have 1 short and 1 long ethernet cables. I know both of them are working well bec ive been using it for months. Right now im using the longer cable, bec my pc is in my bedroom and the router is at the living room. Earlier this morning i got no...
  8. ACET98

    Internet Connection Drops

    My internet intermittently drops. How do I determine if it's the ethernet card or the router that's slowing dying? (or something else) I purchased a cheap ethernet card and that *seems* to be a good fix so far. But there were plenty of times before then, where I would reset my router and I'd...
  9. M

    Wired internet connection to ps4 not working

    I have bought a internet or LAN cable for my ps4 because its faster then using wifi and i keeps faling to connect, i've tried entering my ip adress and all that manually but still nothing? I tried everything i can think of and still doesnt work, anyone have any help???
  10. S

    Ethernet cable connection

    My laptop's wireless adapter is non functional and I want to use an ethernet cable to hard wire connect to the internet. I can do this through the router but not the modem. In this house they are located on separate floors. When I attached the cable to the modem I always get "cannot connect...