ethernet port

  1. O

    Ethernet Port

    So I’m in college and last year I stayed in a dorm. I got a ps4 and I played 2k but when I was online, it was lagging. A friend told me to get a lan cable, i did and it was better. Now I moved to an apartment and the lan cable doesn’t not fit on the port. I’m wondering if there’s a smaller or...
  2. S

    Network Lan & Ethernet connection routers (server & router)

    Hello Guys... I'm here for some assistance regarding Networking thru Ethernet cable and routers. 1. Have set a desktop as server assigned an IP and configured it. 2. Have connected 2 clients within nearby range of distance (all is good going here) 3. Have a 3rd client PC quite far but the...
  3. Interrobang42

    Solved New Computer, Lan/Ethernet not recognized?

    Hi! First time posting here. If I'm doing something wrong please let me know. I built a new computer, with Windows 10 home 64-bit, and when I go to Network Settings, I don't get an option for Ethernet. I plugged a PCI wifi adapter in, and I can get online this way, but it is much slower, so I...
  4. M

    Ethernet port not works after install a new graphic card

    Hi ,I bought a "gigabyte gtx 950" for my pc and my motherboard is "gigabyte m52ltd3" & my OS is windows 7 . I have problem with my onboard ethernet port. I found that the Ethernet port is not working and when i removed the new graphic card and reinstalled the old one, Ethernet port worked...