ethernet problem

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    Unknown network on windows 10 pc

    I was messing with connections to try to fix a bridged connection that I had on my computer when I changed some setting or configuration and now my computer connects to my wifi but says no internet and when I diagnose for problems it says that Ethernet does not have a valid ip network...
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    Network Lan & Ethernet connection routers (server & router)

    Hello Guys... I'm here for some assistance regarding Networking thru Ethernet cable and routers. 1. Have set a desktop as server assigned an IP and configured it. 2. Have connected 2 clients within nearby range of distance (all is good going here) 3. Have a 3rd client PC quite far but the...
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    Unidentified Networking through Ethernet

    Basically all in the title. I can get wireless internet, but I play some games that require fast internet. When I plug the ethernet cord in I get lights on both the router and my laptop, So I feel like it should be working. I've disabled and enabled the connection. Restarted my computer. The...
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    Ethernet doesn't have valid IP Configuration

    This issue has just come up, and i have tried many other things and they wont work. I cant give the specs of the computer, because i am typing this from a separate device because i cant type it from the computer with issues. The Problem basically is that I don't have internet connection, but...
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    Cannot connect to web over wired connection but wireless ok

    I have a Dell Latitude E6440 laptop running Windows 10 Pro with a Brightbox 2 Router from EE and for some unknown (to me) reason cannot now connect my wired connection to the web. I've read a few previous posts which ask users to post the results from ipconfig / all command, which I have...