excel 2016

  1. neil35

    Sort rows in ascending with formula

    I want to sort numbers in selected rows with the help of either function or variable method. I have random numbers from 1-80 in each row (about 20,000 rows unsorted). for example: 57 38 15 2 51 53 52 58 77 66 20 28 35 46 49 65 61 47 76 22 3 4 6 11 12 14 15 18 19 40 41 43 62 66 67 73 76 77...
  2. B

    Flexable Forms

    Good Morning all, I am hoping to get your opinions on next steps as I seem to have reached my limited experience within MS. The Situation: I have created an Excel which is acting as the output collection of scores for a training course and I am struggling with coming up with a simple input...
  3. K

    Sorting Excel Cells

    I am using Excel 2016, and i have information in different cells with formulas. Whenever i try to sort one column alphabetically, i want the information to do the same. But when i do, it shows #DIV/OO. This is for a project i need help ASAP!
  4. 4

    VBA Help

    Hello All I have what I'm sure to many of you will be an easy task but I'm clueless. I need to create a spreadsheet that needs to send reminders to a mailing list every three days from various dates (based on what the users input). I have no clue how to do that though.
  5. K

    Excel 2016 won't open on Macbook

    My excel 2016 application won't open on my macbook pro. I have updated my computer, restarted my computer, and I still excel still doesn't respond. It gives no error message. I have tried opening the individual excel files too and they won't open with excel, but will open with Preview or Numbers.
  6. S

    Excel 2016 send email notification, WINDOWS 10

    I am trying to create a VBA that sends me a reminder/email in Outlook based on a date in a specific column in this case (column R) and then adds the date the reminder was sent in the next column (S) . Can someone please assist me.
  7. C

    Solved Excel macro or formula to autofill cells

    This is just a curiosity post since I've been working a lot with excel lately. Is there anyway to create an IF formula to autofill cells based on a start date and then stop autofilling them on an end date? That probably seems really vague, so I'll attach an example. In my spreadsheet, I have...
  8. B

    Excel footer macro

    Good afternoon everyone - I need a bit of help with a few lines of code. Here's where the problem is: For i = 1 To Worksheets.count If IsError(Application.Match(Sheets(i).Name, s, 0)) Then Sheets(i).PageSetup .CenterFooter = PageFooterText End If Next i...
  9. C

    Sending an email with excel

    A while ago, OBP helped me create an excel sheet that automatically sends me an email when a cell displays "send". Lately it has been sending an email regardless of whether the cell displays send. It's also not displaying the "action required" in the email. I was hoping someone could point out...
  10. C

    Using task scheduler to automate excel macro

    Hello, With the help of OBP, I was able to automate an excel workbook to send reminders whenever a date is reached. This would occur whenever the workbook was opened, so I was hoping to open these workbooks on a task scheduler. The task scheduler on my computer, however, is not opening up the...
  11. C

    Solved Excel 2016 and VBA to create automated business checklist

    Hello, I've been online all day trying to find more info on creating an excel spreadsheet with VBA scripts to send an email when there is an upcoming due date. I'm trying to learn about macros and VBA scripts, but I've never learned how to code and this stuff looks very dense. In this...
  12. mad-martin

    Excel 2016 Pivot table

    Hi guys I am trying to create a pivot table in Excel 2016 (and I'm by no means a wiz...) so I normally use recommended tab Pivot tables. The problem I have is that the data that I need in my pivot table is text as well as numbers (because some SKU's start with a 0) I think this is why it won't...
  13. mad-martin

    Access: Creating a query across multiple tables

    hi guys I have been struggling with this for a while, first I tried to find a solution in EXCEL, however after doing some online research I now think it may be better to create a query in Access (2016) I have multiple tables and and all have a diversity of info, but also some common...
  14. W

    how to create outlook email in excel vba.

    Good day, This is my first time posting here. I'm looking in automatizing my excel VBA to send out emails via Outlook on dates that i set in my excel workbook. this is what i need this workbook to do. Automatically run macro 7 days prior to date in column C. not send email on due date...
  15. J

    Solved Formula Help - &IF

    I am currently pulling data from another worksheet in my workbook and subtracting the previous month's totals from the current month's totals to get the total new items (Jan totals 1100 & Feb totals 1,200 = 100 new items gained from Jan to Feb) =Totals!E4-Totals!D4 (this formula is working...
  16. S

    Please help me... lost in the new Windows 10 world

    My navigation to the new world order with Microsoft has gone poorly. Any suggestions or insight on my issues below would be welcome. I work in isolation so I have no one to ask about this stuff and I'm too busy working to care much about how it works, I just want it to work... Email...
  17. N

    Automated Email for Expired Inventory in Excel

    Hello, I am currently attempting to setup an inventory file in excel to send myself and another colleague anytime an item in that inventory is to expire. I have found a command set from an old comment thread that I have been using as a template but I am not well versed in basic and cannot find...
  18. T

    Excel 2016 Error "1004"

    I'm receiving the following error when trying to run a recorded macro: "Run-time error '1004': Cannot use that command on overlapping selections." It was successful when I recorded it, but when I tried to run it on a new sheet, I received the error. My code: Sub Sub_and_delete_blanks()...
  19. J

    Excel 2016 to send Outlook email reminders on various dates

    I'm in HR and I have a spreadsheet that incorporates staff information commencing, with each month in a new sheet. Unfortunately, department managers are forgetting to do staff reviews at 3mth, 5mth or the 6mth probation. I've entered formula to calculate these dates from the staff commencement...