1. T

    Printing from PDF

    I have created a PDF from a spreadsheet tab. The sheet appears fine in print preview mode but when either printing or saving as a PDF certain cells appear very small and unreadable. The cells in question contain text. I have ensured I have the latest Adobe version. Any suggestions? Thank you
  2. K

    Solved Deleting apps such as OneDrive and Google Drive from iPhone

    Hi. I have Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Drive, OneNote and OneDrive downloaded on my iPhone. Can I safely delete these apps from my phone or will the files on them get deleted as well? Should I sig out or can I directly delete them from my iPhone? Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    VBA Array Transformation Question

    I very often get two dimensional arrays of returns for a given fund, months across the top and years down the left side: Jan Feb ... Dec 2019 1% 2% 1% 2020 2% 1% 3% This format is useless to perform analysis, so I will typically...
  4. amitami67

    VBA excel criteria search for string paste rows to sheet

    Dear members, I'm having a lot of trouble with this VBA code for a table that has rows starting from 341-533 and columns A-K. I'm trying to write code that enters a specific string criteria in a text box to search for a string like "rent" or "volunteer" in a multiple detailed string column like...
  5. farooq8171

    Need excel formula

    I want vlookup or other formula for my sheet. When i enter class Name "One", "Two", "Three" etc. All students Names of that particular class appear in a list.
  6. H

    Forgotten password to protected Excel spreadsheet

    I have forgotten the password to an Excel spreadsheet that I created and own. There are 6 keywords that might have been used to create the password, but I can't remember which ones were used or the combination. I may have used capital letters and punctuation marks, but I am not sure. I have...
  7. Kaiz1000R

    How to Email MS Excel Spreadsheet directly itself?

    There's sharing as email attachment option on excel, I have connected my Gmail to the windows mail by Mail in the control panel. But when I share an Excel file via email it didn't send. Any solution for this?
  8. C

    Excel seperate data into a Matrix

    Im looking to transform data output into a matrix. The data - continous table: Date Names Topics 1/1/01 Tom;Dick;Harry topic1;topic2;topic3 7/1/01 Dick;Harry topic1;topic4 The matrix required: Topic1 Topic2...
  9. Liber8ed1

    Huawei M5lite - can't delete excel file

    Hi! :) I'm using a Huawei Mediapad M5 lite and I'm unable to delete an excel file that was saved to the device. I can see the file using the File option in Excel, but when I try deleting it I get a "Not Allowed You don't have permission to delete this file" message. (it is a read only file)...
  10. C

    Excel & SharePoint

    Hi, thanks for looking. I need a way to search a workbook and replace the character "\" with "/" a normal search and replace isnt working for some reason. Reason behind it: i want to house interlinked workbooks on the sharepoint. links to documents in the same or sub folders migrate just fine...
  11. LUIS39

    Excel freezing constantly

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed 20190620212503.000000-480 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 8 GB Graphics Card...
  12. S

    How to fire an Excel macro from MSAccess?

    I have an Excel spreadsheet that is always open. I want to use Visual Basic in MSAccess to execute an Excel macro based upon certain conditions in the MSAccess database. I can use Auto Open to run the macro from a closed Excel Spreadsheet from MSAccess by closing it and then opening the...
  13. M

    Excel: Move object on chart-it returns to original position

    I am using a mac, Excel 2016 (not sure which version). I have multiple graphs and have added text boxes and lines/arrows to chart. When I try to move one of these text boxes or lines, it bounces back to the original position. These are not grouped. This is happening to some users in my office...
  14. T

    Word and Excel “not responding” when using laptop remotely

    Hello- I have a recurring issue that when I work remote using my HP laptop (remoted in to my office network or not). Every time I work in excel or word these files will become unresponsive. They are not large files. I have also tried working off my desktop and not remote in to the network, but...
  15. A

    How to convert Excel into GPX

    Hello, I have almost 500 lat and long coordinates in an excel sheet that I need converted from their current state (excel) into gpx so I can load into a marine GPS. Does anyone know how to convert these or a program that can assist me? I cant imagine spending 3 days manually entering them...
  16. Y

    support required in VBA code

    Team... I’m new to this tech support web... I have zero knowledge on VBA, can someone help me out... I need to automate the attached excel and to send reminder email to colleagues when the due date met. New column will be added frequently before the next due column (currently “AK”)...
  17. B

    MS Word copy-paste problem

    Hi guys! My problem is that I can't paste anything to ms word, not a text or a picture from the clipboard. If I press ctrl+v a symbol appears from a new font what I installed earlier and used. I tried to reinstall but it didnt worked. The copy-paste command works in excel and in other programs...
  18. B

    Excel Page Numbering (no, not the way you are thinking)

    Mornin' all.... Before we begin, I truly know all about page numbering in Excel. So I do not need any instructions about the usual way to do it. Got that down, 100%. Been doing it correctly for years. At my job I do statistical data modeling. I end up writing a memo for the non-math people...
  19. R

    Creating Email Reminders From Excel

    Hi, I have created a workbook that tracks individuals qualifications that shows me those who need to renew in 90,60,30 days. I can toggle between the 3 or set different parameters if needed. Instead of copying and pasting those details into an email i would like to be able to auto copy to...
  20. F

    Excel Xlstart folder

    Hi All, looking for help on an issue I'm having with the personal.XLSB workbook, I'll be as clear as I can. Long time users of Macros stored in an excel workbook saved in C ://users/username/appdata/roaming/microsoft/excel/xlstart Stating the obvious this workbook should open hidden but make...