exchange 2010

  1. skinnywhiteboy

    Cannot download GAL in Evolution with EWS

    I have been given the task of configuring Evolution with EWS on some Linux clients. I have successfully configured the client to connect to our Exchange Servers and it is downloading all my mail along with my Calendar items. However, the Global Address Lists are not downloading at all. Is...
  2. I

    Solved Exchange 2010 Queue Expired

    Hi. We have a local exchange server 2010, running on MS Small business server 2011 Standard Problem is we can not send emails to certain domains. It will take a couple of days before the user will get a delivery delayed and then a Queue expired message. When I check the Queue is can see the...
  3. S

    Distro not updating when adding new mebers

    Hello there, So, I work as a L1 service desk. We have here basic access to the exchange server site and AD. There is this distribution list that we have been trying to add more members (they were originally part of the distro) and even though they are added after a while they just disappear...
  4. T

    Need Help to open deactivated Outlook 2010 account

    Hello Guys, First off I just wanted to say you guys are awesome! Second, thanks for supporting this website. This is truly a way of giving back and making use of God's (or whatever you believe in) given talents. Keep up the good work guys and gals! Anyway, I've searched the internet already...
  5. B

    Powershell: AD + Exchange | Export-Csv

    I'm very new to Powershell, but I've got a task that requires me to pull information from our AD users as well as their corresponding mailboxes in Exchange. We were recently bought out by another company and some departments are switching email domains while others are not. I'd like to take...